I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got six new comics.

  • Catalyst Comix – 5
  • East of West – 7
  • Fatale – 18
  • Ghosted – 5
  • Hit – 3
  • Alex + Ada – 1
  • This week’s comic book cover to look at and examine is “Monsters on the Prowl” published by Marvel in 1971. The pencils are by Jack Kirby and the inks are by George Klein. The Grand Comic Book Database lists that Marie Severin did alterations to the cover. That means some sort of in-the-office art corrections.

    It’s odd because the giant mummy figure doesn’t look much like a Jack Kirby drawing to me. Those little fleeing people look a little more like Kirby’s but the big old mummy looks more like a Jack Davis drawing than anything else to me. As a matter of fact I find this cover downright funny. It cracks me up every time.

    Everything about this cover is good. The logo is good, the drawing is good, the colors are good and even the useless word balloons are good but intentionally or unintentionally the cover is hysterical. First off there is the monster’s posture. He’s walking but with a stiff legged duck walk. That front foot is so far forward it looks like he has a nine thousand foot stride. And he’s crushing a word balloon with his foot. That’s just funny. His posture screams comedy.

    I’m not sure how an actual mummy is wrapped but the way this one is drawn it looks like he has on overalls. C’mon, a mummy with overalls? That’s funny stuff right there. Even the little generic Kirby people who are fleeing in terror are funny. The guy most underfoot must be fleeing the fastest because his hat came off. None of those people look like they belong in an Egyptian tomb. Cracks. Me. Up.

    Let’s not forget the monster’s name. Gomdulla. The name so funny they had to put it on the cover three times. Somebody really liked that name. I mean when do you see a character’s name three times on a cover? Gomdulla. Gomdulla. Gomdulla! No, he hasn’t appeared. And those cornerbox monsters. Heh, heh, heh…

    Then there is the goofiest part. Count Gomdulla’s fingers. That’s right he’s got four on one hand and five on the other. I guess nobody wanted to art correct that. All told this is a well drawn, well designed, and striking cover. It just happens to be pretty funny too.