A pretty good week for me at the comic shop. I bought five comics, Jack Staff 10, Conan 28, Rex Mundi 18, Fear Agent 4, and Fell 5. The first three are regulars and I have read one other issue of Fear Agent. Fell is new to me but I have heard good things about it. It is a Warren Ellis book and I find he runs hot and cold so I’ll let you know what I think.

Strange Girl from two weeks a go gets a reluctant thumbs down from me. I bought issues seven and eight. Seven was a fill in story and I liked it. The art was good and the story okay. Issue eight was the third part of a continuing story and, once again, the art was good (a different artist than seven) but the story left me cold. Strange Girl was in the middle of a big battle and not a very interesting one at that. Next issue the original artist of the series (not either of the ones who drew seven or eight) comes back and I’m not fond of his work so I won’t be buying anymore Strange Girl. Neither issue was bad so I am reluctant to give it a bad review.

Magician: Apprentice 1 from last week also gets a thumbs down. It also wasn’t really bad but magician’s apprentice stuff has been done to death and the first issue had nothing in it to make it stand out to me.