I an just back from the comic shop and I bought two comics:

  • The Escapists 4
  • Scarlet Traces 4
  • But that wasn’t my only trip this week. In addition to my local shop I was down in NYC yesterday and picked up a few things at one of the city shops:

  • Rough Stuff 2 – A magazine devoted to the pencils and rough sketches that go into making a comic.
  • Finder -Mystery Date TPB. One of the best comics made today.
  • Heart Breaker 2-3. I picked up the first issue of this a while back and liked it. It is kinda amateurish looking but I like the stories of women screwing over guys. Pretty amusing.
  • Paul in the Country. A 28 page follow up to the two Paul graphic novels that I got for my birthday this summer.
  • Delete 1-3. I ran into Robert Walker at the shop who I know from my days working in the Marvel Comics offices. He told me he has been doing this book so I bought it to give it a try.
  • As a post script to the story of the magazine “Comic Art” that a bought a few weeks ago in which I lambasted the cover as one of the worst I’ve seen in a while I have to say that it it a good mag. The artist who did the cover, Richard McGuire, has some really nice work inside. I am not that familiar with him but he has done some New Yorker covers that are excellent. It is just this magazine’s cover that stinks.