Just back from the comic shop and I bought four comics this week.

Jonah Hex #7: This series has been a lot of fun with good art and some nice writing. They have all been one issue stories and that is fine with me because there has been more story than in six issues of most comics.

Ex-Machina #20: A solid series but sometimes the art is distracting. I think it is because the artist uses photo reference for everything. That isn’t bad in and of itself but there seems to be a lot of ham acting by his models going on. The characters are constantly making broad gestures with their hands, arms and faces. The series is about an ex-super-hero mayor of NYC so it is mostly about running the city and there is a lot of talking. That means there is barely a panel without a character waving his hands wildly. Someone is going to lose an eye. It is a good series otherwise.

Red Prophet #2: I liked #1 so I bought #2.

Magician: Apprentice #1: By the same company that publishes Red Prophet so I thought I would give it a try. It is adapted from the book by Raymond Feist which I have never read.