I was an X-Files fan. But the X-Files was one of those shows that ended so badly that I forgot it used to be a good show. For the first time in a decade I am watching season one. It is entertaining me as I ride the boring stationary bike (a real bike ride is so much more fun).

Not only had I forgotten how good a show it was but I think it is a better show the second time around. That is because the I never liked the big over all alien conspiracy part of the show. I found it impossible to pay attention to. The problem with big conspiracy shows is that they can’t actually leave enough clues so for the viewer to figure out what is going on. They want the show to keep going on and on because it is their job to make TV shows. So in the X-Files there were layer upon layer of clues and false clues and whatever they felt like writing in. My brain just turned off during the conspiracy stuff and turned back on for the monster of the week adventure part.

Producers of shows like this going back to Kolchak The Night Stalker have always said, “Well we didn’t want to turn it into a ‘Monster of the Week” show. To which I have always asked (since the interviewer never does), “Why not?”. If you are going to do a show about monsters, aliens and things that go bump in the night it seems logical to me to have a monster every week. What is the point of a monster hunting show with no monsters? I don’t give a crap about a monster hunter’s personal life. I don’t care if they feel good or bad about hunting monsters. I just want a good story told well. But anyway, back to the X-files.

A funny thing happened around season six or so; (my memory is fuzzy but it was after that bad movie they made) they revealed the conspiracy. It was anti-climatic at that point being that I hadn’t cared about the conspiracy in years but now in watching season one over again I don’t have to ignore those parts. Knowing the answer I can now appreciate that part of the story line and enjoy trying to figure out which clues were real and which weren’t. And trying to tell if the writers even knew. Knowing the answer actually helps the show. It doesn’t detract from it. So check out the X-Files again and you will be pleasantly surprised that it holds up well.

P.S. “Lost” is a show that is currently like the X-Files was. It is a good show but they will never give anyone enough clues to figure out what is really going on (if the writers even know) because then people will stop watching it. As Josh Whedon said, “TV is about questions; Movies are about answers.” And “Supernatural” is a good monster of the week show.