I was reading my copy of The Teen Titans Archive #1 when I can across that lovely panel. Let me give you the story. The Titans want to get on the good side of a gang of teenage dropouts so they disguise themselves and befriend the gang so they can kick the asses of another rival gang and then reveal themselves to the original gang and get some info. Pretty complicated but it is the disguises that kill me.

On the right is Aqualad. He costume has no mask so he didn’t bother to wear one to disguise himself? Huh? His disguise is no disguise? They either ran out of masks or said, “Eh, no one knows who you are anyway.”

Second from the right is Wondergirl. Her costume also has no mask so she doesn’t disguise her face but she does wear a blond wig. I guess she expects people to say, “Wow, is that Wondergirl? No Wondergirl in not blonde. It must be some one else kicking our buts with her super strength.”

The two on the right are the real geniuses. Kid Flash and Robin. Both of their costumes have masks. No one would recognize their actual faces and they could just wear no mask at all and be incognito but that might blow their secret identities. So what to they do? They wear full face masks over their masks that they already have on. That way they can have a reveal and still be masked. Briliiant. The Sixties could really give us some absurd comics.

I am a fan of cereal. Not so much the sugar cereals but they make good desserts. Cheerios and Wheaties are my favorites. Shredded wheat is good too and I like the sugar version, Frosted Mini Wheats, as a snack. But this week I ran into the single worst cereal ever: Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats. They have been putting out some flavored FMW for a little while now. I tried the Vanilla Creme ones and they were okay. So the strawberry ones were on sale so I gave them a try. The flavor wasn’t too bad: that artificial strawberry taste we all know. But then I noticed something odd. Whatever chemical flavoring they used was filling up my sinuses. It was like chemical warfare from my cereal. It was mildly painful and made it tough to breath through my nose. Absolutely crazy but stay away from the strawberry FMW. You’ve been warned.

I just watched the much praised movie “Crash” that came out last year. It was okay. Parts of it were really good but the lesson I learned from it was that everyone in L.A. is a bigoted, selfish, asshole, jerk, son of a bitch. And they weren’t all that interesting being that they were all the same. Not one person in the movie would I want to hang out with.

I also just discovered ACEO or Art Card Editions and Originals. That’s where artists make baseball card size paintings and trade them or sell them for a tenner or so. Pass art out to the masses. I’ve always liked to make small paintings as well as large. Now I need someone to trade with.

Apples, I need some more apples. That is my last thought for the day.