Since I wrote last week about the summer TV season I thought I’d write this week about the new fall TV shows that premiered. There has been a couple of interesting news shows but mostly returning ones and some fair to middling new shows. But of course that is fair to middling in the category of shows that I actually like. A mediocre show that I don’t watch is a whole other category.

First up is “The Grinder”. This is a new Rob Lowe half hour comedy and I like it. He plays a big time actor who just came off a long running TV series where he played a lawyer. He’s moved back to his home town where his family still lives and has inserted himself into his brother’s law firm. His brother and father are actual lawyers. It’s a bit of an absurdist comedy with a good supporting cast and lots of family dynamics. I like it but it needs better ratings if it’s going to get a second season.

Then there are the conspiracy/mystery/action shows. There seem to be a lot of them these days. The first one is “Quantico”. It’s about a bunch of FBI recruits. Half of it is told in flashback and half of it in the present. The flashback part is their days at the FBI academy and the present part is just after they graduate. One of them has been framed for a terrorist attack and is on the run trying to prove her innocence. I like the present parts better than the flashbacks. The flashbacks seem a little absurd (and not in a Grinder good way) as everyone seems to be hiding a secret. It should also be called “Models Join the FBI” because the whole cast is ridiculously good looking. This one is doing well in the ratings.

Another of those shows is “Blindspot”. That’s the one with the woman who is dropped off in the middle of Times Square covered in tattoos with no memory. And the tattoos are clues to future crimes. It’s an okay show. Every week they figure out a clue and go stop a crime. I find amnesia to be a gimmicky storytelling device so I mostly ignore that part. This one is also doing well in the ratings.

The third in conspiracy/mystery/action genre is “The Player”. An ex-soldier gets dragged into stopping bad guys by a mysterious group of people who like to bet on if he can stop the bad guys or not. And someone may have kidnapped his estranged wife after faking her death. Or she’s dead. He has to fight for justice and find his wife. This one is mostly action and isn’t doing too well in the ratings. It’s not expected to last but I’ll probably watch it until the end.

I think there is only one new show in my favorite genre “The quirky detective” genre. That would be “Limitless”. It’s based on a movie I’ve never seen about a pill that can make you smarter. There is conspiracy stuff going on in this one too (I think that’s a prerequisite for crime dramas these days) but it’s mostly crime solving stuff. Like most quirky detective shows this one relies on the lead character’s wit and charm to carry the show and they do a good job of it here. I think this one is doing okay in the ratings. We’ll see if it sticks around.

The weirdest new show I’ve started watching is “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”. I guess you’d call it a comedy/drama. It’s about a twenty-something high priced NYC lawyer who chucks it all to move to a small California town where her boyfriend from the summer she turned sixteen lives. It’s got craziness, comedy, and elaborate musical numbers. It’s so weird that I can’t imagine it’ll last very long but I like it.

Now I’ll run down some returning shows I watch.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – I like this one. It’s the only Marvel or DC superhero show that I watch. It doesn’t have much super heroics in it and that’s just fine with me. It’s got a good cast and some snappy writing as they go about their adventures. That’s all I ask.

The Big Bang Theory – I know this show has worn out its welcome with some people who are too cool for the room but I’ve been watching it since the beginning and think it’s solid.

The Blacklist – This show has picked up for me every season. It’s in the conspiracy/mystery/action genre and has done a good job changing every season. I didn’t even like it at first and stopped watching but then gave it another chance with season two and kept watching. I’ve liked season three the best so far.

Bones – In its eleventh season and still plugging along solving crimes. It might not hold a lot of excitement for me and at it’s worst is pretty dull but it’s still an okay procedural and almost falls into the quirky detective genre. At least it’s got a hero that believes in reason. I’ll take that.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – A show that has gotten funnier as it goes along. An ensemble comedy about police detectives in Brooklyn. I’ve heard it called a modern “Barney Miller” and I’ll go along with that. It’s goofy, witty, and funny.

Castle – Once again a mix between the crime procedural and quirky detective genres. In its eighth season I know what to expect from it and it delivers. Solid, light, and occasionally heavy police stuff.

Fargo – Just started a new story arc that has all new characters and the same quirky style as the first season. I’ll give it a watch.

iZombie – If you liked “Veronica Mars” (and I did) then there is a solid shot you’ll like “iZombie”. It’s more fantastical and less down to earth but has the same witty style.

The Last Man on Earth – I liked the first season of this one but didn’t love it. This second season has started out much stronger and I hope it’ll keep being good. I think this show has potential.

The Middle – Solid family sitcom. I didn’t like it much at first but it grew on me. I’ll keep watching it.

Modern Family – Still a well made, funny, witty, and creative family comedy. I can see why this one wins awards because there is a lot of talent and imagination in it. And it tries really hard. In a good way.

Scorpion – I can’t tell if this show is ridiculous on purpose or by accident. Either way I find it amusing. Not great but amusing. Some shows are fine because you can half pay attention to them while doing something else.

The Simpsons – Been watching it since season one and I still like it. I don’t care that other people think it’s not what it used to be.

Supernatural – Eleven season in and they still find a way to make it fresh. Shows like “Bones” and “Castle” I still like but know what to expect. With this one they keep coming up with new stuff even within the monster hunting formula. I admire the imagination put into it.

Undateable – A half hour comedy that is now broadcast live on Friday nights. I like it. They’re trying hard to made me laugh and succeed often enough.