Turning thoughts into writing. That was the subject of the book I saw at the bookstore the other day. It struck me as odd. What else was someone supposed to turn into writing? I didn’t purchase the book or read anything in it so I have no idea what tips or ideas it holds but the name fascinates me. Writing isn’t always an easy thing. It’s not digging ditches but you have to sit down and do some work. First think about a subject and come up with some thoughts about said subject. See that. Thoughts. Just like the book says. Except it is not what the book says that interests me but what it doesn’t say. Have I missed other things that can be turned into writing? Is that what other writers do? Turn hamburgers or motor oil into writing? Everyone is always looking for a secret that will make their world a better place. That magic that can turn butterflies into writing or cash depending on what secret you’re looking for. What if some other book holds some secret of writing. This one clearly doesn’t because turning thoughts into writing is no secret yet the title implies that somewhere out there is a secret. What secret could turn other things into writing? Wondering these things is much more fun than reading the book.

I saw this book in the giant bookstore in the giant mall in Nyack, NY. It was built a few years ago and I think it was briefly the largest mall in the country. It is so big that there is no place to stand and see the whole building at a glance. They have an illustration of the mall inside and it was upon seeing it that I said, “Oh that’s what this mall looks like”. It’s just a bunch of boxes strung together so its nothing to get excited about architecturally. As a matter of fact it’s ugly. But it’s B-I-G big.

I went to the movies at the aforementioned mall on Saturday night with a couple of friends who had never been there. They were amazed at the whole phenomenon. The mall is not only big, there are four sprawling floors, but the top floor is like a small town. The top floor holds the movie theatre, an iMax theatre, the bookstore, a big box store and a whole bunch of restaurants. The food court is a floor below so I mean sit down an a waiter serves you restaurants. At least eight of them and there are lines to get in.

We caught an 8:30 PM showing of “Artie Lang’s Beer League” and there were thousands of people on the fourth floor of the mall when the show started. The movie ended a little after ten and there were thousands of people still at the mall. I think the stores on the lower floors were closed but that fourth floor was alive. There is a comedy club there too. It’s the concept of a mall as a small town taken to its conclusion. Small town designed to separate you from your money of course.

The bookstore was even crowded. Not uncomfortably so because it’s huge but who knew that so many people like to hang out in a chain bookstore on a Saturday night? It’s a transplanted town square except very well lit.

I liked the movie we saw. Not everyone will because it’s a raunchy low budget comedy and the lead in it, Artie Lang from the Howard Stern show, can’t act very well but can hit you with a funny riff time after time. The plot is nothing special but at least it doesn’t get in the way. It’s all the jokes about losers, drugs, drinks, and sex that make the movie. In other words your mom probably won’t like it.

I’m going to finish with a couple of Sunday night notes. One: The NY Giants come from behind victory over the Eagles made my football day today. Two: Tonight’s Simpsons was the trippiest episode ever. Jazz music and random circus animals. Whoa man…the colors…