I’m tired of the winter and I’m ready for the spring. So it’s time to wax a little poetic. I’m not a winter hater; after all it’s the only time I get to wear my long coats. I dig a good long coat. They’re so much cooler than short coats. But every year come the beginning of March I get tired of the cold, ice, and snow. This year is no exception especially after the extra cold weather of the last two weeks when we should have been inching towards warmer temperatures.

I’m also tired of riding a stationary bike and want to get out on the road and ride a real bike. There is hardly a more boring form of exercise than pedaling a mock bicycle that goes nowhere. Sure you can have the TV on, listen to the radio, or even read a book (if you don’t ride too energetically) but that barley cuts down on the tedium. Outside on a real bike with the world flying by is a more fun. Even if I do ride the same route almost every time. And nothing beats powering up a hill and then breathlessly flying down the other side. A hill is hard work followed by the satisfaction of a reward. The only reward on a stationary bike is not falling completely out of shape.

I do want a new short coat for the springtime. I usually wear a sport coat as my spring and fall jacket. I had one I liked and wore for years until the lining wore down to nothing. It was some lightweight poly blend that held up well and was a great green color. Last year I got a wool sport coat. Turns out I’m not that fond of wool for a light weight coat. It’s too warm and the color isn’t a good as the old one. Still, I wear it. Maybe I can get the lining fixed in my old one.

And the sunshine. I can really use some of that. Sitting out in the spring sunshine and drawing. That sounds like a good time.

This is the time of year I wish I were a baseball fan. Springtime goes hand in hand with the start of a new season. I think that’s why baseball fans are the most hopeful and poetic of all sports fans when a new season starts. They look forward to a nice spring day to sit in the sunshine and watch their team play. It’s not until the hot sun of summer and many losses that a baseball fan gets despondent. The August sun and a losing team does not a happy marriage make.

I do like going out on a cold winter night though. As long as I’m all bundled up with hat, gloves, scarf, boots, and a nice warm coat. Keeping warm is a lot easier than keeping cool. Plus the world empties when it gets too cold out so there is more room in the world for me. Still I’m tired of the whole freezing cold thing for this year. And a warm spring night can bring out the people and make you feel like you’re part of something. There is a lot more sense of community in the spring. Winter is every man for himself.

And there is a little glimpse into anticipating the springtime me.