Some days I wish I had something to say. But I don’t. Those are the days when flipping around the TV channels actually seems interesting.

A few web sites are really slow tonight. What the hell is that all about? It’s not like every site is slow just some of my regulars. The world’s a mystery.

Just went to a movie review web site to read some reviews. Unlike most people I know I have no great love for going to the movies. I don’t, in any way, find it a magical experience. It’s just going to sit in the dark and watch a movie with a bunch of strangers. There is also a fair chance that one of those strangers is going to annoy me. I’d just as soon watch a movie at home where I can easily turn it off if it’s bad. I don’t care how big the screen is. Call me crazy.

Why is it that I find Google Analytics so fascinating? No one reads my blog but people I already know and if some stranger stumbles onto it because of a search engine hit they don’t actually stay to read anything. But looking at charts saying that is neat. I especially like the world map that shows which cities my few hits are coming from. Someone in Korea can easily stumble my way even if they don’t care at all that they do. Wild.

I want a new hat. I’m thinking of getting a Dobbs el Dorado. I was going to look at some hats when I was in Manhattan last Thursday night but the bus ride in that was supposed to take an hour and twenty minutes (damned local) instead took two hours and ten minutes. There went my hat looking time. I need a new black fitted ball cap too. I can try the local mall for that.

I usually use Camino as my web browser. Not every script on every page works correctly in it and embedded YouTube videos make it choke after they’ve run but it is still a fast browser. Last week I downloaded the latest Firefox browser to give it another try. Everything worked in it fine but I found that drove me crazy because, I discovered, it’s all the ads that didn’t run in Camino. They ads worked in Firefox and it drove me to distraction. Going onto MySpace in Firefox was a horror. I switched back to Camino where the a lot of the ads don’t run at all.

I’ve never been a pretzel fan. I don’t hate them. I just find them bland and boring. But lately I’ve been enjoying some honey wheat pretzels. This made me branch out and try another pretzel variety this week. Sesame butter pretzels. These things have got to make you fat. They taste like butter. Crazy idea for a pretzel. Butter it.

I bought some 140 lb. watercolor paper the other week. Nothing odd there. But some of it was paper with a slight blue tint. I don’t know what I’m going to do with that blue paper. It seemed cool so I got some. I wonder what I’ll eventually use it for? Time will tell.

I watched “You, Me and Dupree”. It was no where near as bad as the critics made it out to be. It was okay. I even liked it better than the way overrated “Wedding Crashers”. Not that the “Wedding Crashers” was bad. I was just another uneven comedy. I think I want to watch “Made” now. I love that one. I don’t know if I’d consider it the same kind of comedy as Dupree and Crashers but it’s better then both of them.

I was just reading up on binding individual comics into custom hard bound volumes. It sounds cool but I’ll never do it. I’m not that motivated to. Some things I only read about.

I think I’ll make some kind of a wall display for my prints. I sometimes need to remind myself that I’ve done things. Otherwise I forget and my own past will cease to influence me. You gotta be your own influence.

Catch you later, cats. I’m going to go and read some “Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth”.