I just opened up the lid of my year old air freshener that is only supposed to last three months. It’s of those cheapo things that has a big wick sticking into some sort of smelly oil. It doesn’t really freshen the air in any way but it makes the room smell sweet for a little while.

The reason this air freshener is only supposed to last a few months is that is says, in the instructions, to throw the lid away. Yes, it actually says to unscrew the cap and toss it in the trash. Why anyone would do this is beyond me. I kept my cap so I could turn the air freshener off.

The problem with scented air fresheners, beside the fact that sometimes I don’t want to smell them, is that eventually your nose gets use to them and you can’t smell them. They may as well not be there. Where is the point in that? So I like to cap mine after a while and save it for later. Since the cap isn’t off twenty four seven it lasts a lot longer than three months. I think I’ll cap it now though. It’s giving me a headache.

Last night I had a hamburger for diner. I had it a different way than usual since I’m big on new ways to eat the same old stuff. I had it on a toasted and buttered roll with hot sauce. It was good.

I was in Wisconsin once and butter on top of a hamburger was one of the ways they served them there. It was at a famous hamburger joint the name of which escapes me now. They had a lot of different ways that I had never heard of to serve a hamburger. Even the famous hamburger joints in Manhattan I’ve been to didn’t have all these different kinds of Wisconsin burgers. And the Manhattan joints have a wide variety of burgers.

My variation on the butter burger was good. The difference was that I buttered the roll and not the burger. And of course I added hot sauce. Now I’m not going to tell you it was better than the Wisconsin burger joint’s one, because it wasn’t, but at least it hit the spot for me. I was looking for something different and I got it.

I tried a new genre of video game on my Nintendo DS this week. It was a “Seek and Find” type mystery game. There really is no point to the mystery except to use it as a framing sequence for the seek and find stuff. What you have to do is find a picture of some small object amongst a whole lot of small objects on a bigger picture.

It wasn’t the most challenging game in the world but after “Advance Wars: Days of Ruin” it was refreshing to have something not so challenging. The game keeps your eyes nimble as you are constantly moving them around while scanning the picture for the objects on the list. It reminded me of doing the find the hidden pictures puzzles in “Highlights” magazine when I was a kid. Who didn’t love those?

My computer went a little crazy on me this week. On Sunday night I noticed that the sound coming from my Harmon Kardon Soundstick speakers was muffled. On Monday morning it was still happening so I ran through all of my trouble shooting procedures. From a Safe Boot to running Disk Utility to booting from an install disc nothing that I did would fix it. So I gave up and went for a ride on my stationary bike. When my exercise was done I came back, restarted my machine, and everything was fine. I have no idea why. The mystery of computers.

One more food related thing from this week. It has to do with potato knishes. I haven’t had a knish in a little while but had one this week. I always have my knishes with mustard and usually a little cheese too. Cheddar or Pepper Jack are my usuals but this week I had one with Mozzarella. I think I have a new favorite now. I slice open the knish and put mustard on one side and the cheese on the other. Then it goes in the microwave for a minute before the two haves are reunited. The creamy texture and taste of the Mozzarella just went so well with the potato knish. Good stuff.