I have a serious need to amuse myself this evening. That’s because no one else will. Where is my court jester? Sure I’d have to put up with the whole “he’s the only one who can mock the king” bit but as long as that comes with some comical tumbling it would be worth it. Besides I’m not a king so people can mock me anyway. I get the mocking without the tumbling. What kind of crazy world is this?

I should go to the supermarket because you know what never fails to amuse me? Cage free eggs. I always pay extra to get the cage free eggs because what is funnier than a bunch of chickens running around. Just the thought makes me giggle. Heh, heh , heh. Only a bunch of cage free monkeys would be more amusing.

I had some chili tonight for super. Not my homemade chili but some stuff from a can. More specifically a box. Yes, this store bought chili comes in a vacuum packed box and is the only descent store bought chili out there. But anyway it wasn’t the chili that amused me it was the rice. I made some rice by boiling it in a bottle of beer. Plus some water. After all I needed the proper amount of liquid. I don’t even drink beer which makes it all the more amusing. I just wanted to try something new with boring old rice. It was okay. I really couldn’t taste the beer once the rice was in the chili but on its own the rice made me smile.

My Nintendo DS and Yu-Gi-Oh: Nightmare Troubadour have been amusing me lately. I’m a sucker for CCGs (Collectable Card Games) and played Magic the Gathering amongst others back in the day. But all the people I played with are far away now. So I play video game versions of CCGs. Magic TG has stayed away from video games versions but they have an online version. It doesn’t run on Macs and it costs as much for a virtual pack of cards as for a real pack. That’s a little too greedy for me. So I stay away. And they keep me away with the whole no Macs thing.

So it’s Yu-Gi-Oh for me. They keep cranking out versions of that game and they’re pretty good. The fun of CCGs is not only in playing the game but in creating a strategy to win. What you put in your forty card deck from the thousands of cards to chose from is half the fun. Good stuff, what!

Most video games have ceased to amuse me. They are so expensive for both the system and the individual games that they are bound to disappoint. It’s one level of disappointment to blow ten bucks on a bad movie but a whole other level to blow $55-$65 on a game and have it be bad. Plus there are so many more “serious” games that fun appears to have gone out of style. Only Nintendo seems intent on putting fun into their games. Plus you get to poke at the DS with a stick (it’s a touch sensitive handheld system). What’s more amusing than poking something with a stick. Heh, heh, heh…

Another thing that has been amusing me lately is DC Comic’s the Elongated Man. Not the actual comic book. Just the name. Elongated Man… heh, heh, heh… He’s a Plastic Man type character who can stretch himself into all different shapes just like Marvel’s Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four can. But come on. Elongated Man? Who came up with that name? If you asked me to name a Plastic Man type character and gave me a hundred tries I don’t think I would have ever came up with “Elongated Man”. Whoever thought that up is on a totally different wavelength. I have a book of his tales sitting on my shelf and every time I see the name I giggle.

TV hasn’t been amusing me much this season. Sure I have it on as I’m working or riding the stationary bike (it’s gotten too cold out for the road bike) but most of it is just okay. And that’s the stuff I like. Except for one show: “Bones”. That show has been amusing me this season. Much better than the endless nonsense that “Lost” has become.

So that’s my state of mind. I need some amusement. I’m thinking some “Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)” hanging out with Prince John during one of the feasts with all sorts of Hollywood lensed shenanigans going on all around us. That’s some fun. Giant turkey legs for all!