Another week and another batch of comics. Jonah Hex #6, Planetary #25, Ex Machina #19, and The Winter Men #4 are this week’s haul. The first three are regulars and The Winter Men is a mini from Wildstorm by Bret Lewis and John Paul Leon. It is a story about law enforcement starring a Russian cop and it is filled with mobsters, feds, ex KGB guys and every other cold war left over. I’ve been enjoying it. This is the first issue in a while so let’s see if it gets finished. I hope so.
I also like last week’s “Red Prophet” comic. It takes place in North America around the early 1800s (I think) but is an alternate history where the European settlers don’t dominate as much as our world. They are a strong presence and I don’t know what the world is all about yet but I added it to my pull list. Good show.