I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got four new comics.

  • Catalyst Comix – 3
  • Hoax Hunters – 10
  • Satellite Sam – 3
  • Hit – 1
  • This week’s comic book cover to look at and examine is Super-Villain Team-Up #14 by John Byrne and Terry Austin. This is another comic book cover that I’ve had since childhood. Once again I’m not sure if I bought this one right off of the stands or got it a little while later. In those days I’d often get comics a couple months or years old from kids around the neighborhood. This is sort of an unknown Byrne and Austin cover. Back in the day when they were at the height of their X-Men popularity a lot of people I showed this cover two had never seen it before. I even showed it to a friend recently and he had never seen it before. SVTU was never a very popular book.

    This is a plain old fashioned fun cover. Dr. Doom at the height of his regal villainy is making a whole bunch of super-heroes bow down to him. Good stuff. Byrne does an excellent job giving us a strong and solid Dr. Doom standing in the middle. I especially like his cape billowing up and floating above all the heroes’ heads. Byrne keeps things remarkably simple too. Doom isn’t drawn at a giant size as I would expect these days of super-hero exaggeration but he’s rather medium sized yet still powerful.

    Austin’s inks mix well with Byrne’s drawing style as it always did in those days. It’s fine lined with a little hatching that adds order and polish to the drawing. Dr. Doom looks really polished. The color is okay but not spectacular. Dr. Doom might be a little dark and maybe they could have dulled down that orange circle he is standing on. I also don’t like the red logo too much but the rest is okay. It’s mostly just the regular colors of the super-heroes’ costumes.

    The cover copy is fine but I could do without Dr. Doom’s word balloon. Whenever I look at this cover I don’t even bother to read the cover copy. The image says it all and the word balloon adds nothing. It doesn’t bother me but it could be deleted and never missed. I would have dumped “Is This The Final Hour?” in the cover copy too and just have gone with “Doom Supreme” if the choice was up to me.

    Yeah, overall this is a fun cover. Maybe not the best comic book cover ever but still a good one.