I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got five new comics plus a hard cover collection:

  • Buffy Season 8 – 28
  • North 40 – 3
  • Savage Dragon – 152
  • Grim Jack “The Manx Cat” – 2
  • Strange Tales – 1
  • “The Invincible Iron Man: World’s Most Wanted Book 1”
  • And now for a review of something I’ve read recently.

  • Conan Volume 7 “Cimmeria” by Tim Truman, Richard Corben, and Tomas Giorello
  • This is now my second favorite volume of the Dark Horse published Conan comics. The first is Volume 0 “Born on the Battlefield” and this is a close second. It’s the best of the Tim Truman written Conan comics.

    It’s a story about nostalgia and going home. Plus blood and guts sword fights too. There are two plots going on. The first is about Conan returning to his home village in Cimmeria (drawn by Tomas Giorello) and the second is about Conan’s grandfather (drawn by Richard Corben). Y’see along the way home people are telling Conan stories about his grandfather who also was one of the few individuals to leave Cimmeria and go adventuring.

    The artwork on the book is very good and the story well told. I like Corben’s art a bit better than Giorello’s but that’s to be expected. Corbrn is an old master. Still Giorello’s work was pretty good.

    The whole tone of the book is dripping with nostalgia as Conan goes home again to see all those he hasn’t seen in three years or so. Some things have changed and some things have remained the same.

    Stories about his adventures have made their way back to his village so he is a bit of a local celebrity. Of course the way home isn’t an easy one and he has to fight his way through the mountains as he runs into all manners of sword and sorcery.

    The tales of Conan’s grandfather are also nicely done. They contrast with Conan’s own life as his grandfather came home and settled down after his adventures. We as readers already know that Conan is never going back to Cimmeria again. He never goes home and settles down. It’s a nice read all around.

    So if your a Conan fan or a fan of good comics pick up this volume of Conan’s tales. It’s a good one.