I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got eight new comics and a TPB.

  • Dark Horse Presents – 28
  • East of West – 6
  • Fatale – 17
  • Jupiter’s Legacy – 3
  • Mind MGMT – 15
  • Revival – 14
  • Saga – 14
  • Walking Dead 100 Project TPB
  • The Manhattan Projects – 14
  • This week’s comic book cover to look at and examine is “Joe Matt’s Peepshow” number 10 by Joe Matt. This comic is from July 1997. I turned thirty one a few months later and was regularly buying this comic. Now I take us out of the mainstream world of comics and into the small press, independent, or alternative comics. Joe Matt was doing autobiographical comics about his childhood at this time. That’s not him on the cover but a childhood friend.

    This is another comic book cover that has only a slight story but is all about design and illustration. The story it tells is of a boy climbing a ladder onto a roof. A roof that is high in the sky. And he looks determined to do it. What all that means I’m not sure but Matt captures a moment. Oddly it seems to be a moment that is internal to the boy rather than external to us. He seems like he is conquering something but that something is in his head. Interesting.

    The type is simple and works well with the cover. It looks like hand made type and it’s well done. It’s curves are very human rather than mechanical as are the curves of the ladder. I like the way the black logo works with the black building.

    I like the drawing on this cover. Matt draws the boy with clean and crisp lines that all seem well chosen. There is nothing spectacular about the drawing but it’s still not easy to do. The color is nice as he gives us a painted sky in contrast to the graphic line drawing of the boy. This is a technique I’ve seen go wrong a lot of times but here the two different approaches are united by color. The sky is dulled down so it sits in the background but the color on the boy is also dulled down a bit with light blue so he doesn’t stand out too much from the clouds. That’s not something you see too often on comic book covers where editors want everything to “Pop”. There are a lot more moods than “Pop” and this is one of them.

    So there you go. Another comic book cover that I like looking at.