I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got five new comics :

  • Danger Club – 4
  • Harvest – 3
  • Thief of Thiefs – 9
  • Black Kiss 2 − 3
  • Fatale – 8
  • And now for a review of something I’ve read recently.

    ”Invincible: Ultimate Collection Volume 7” by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley

    This volume of “Invincible” collects issues 71-84. This is one on those comics I started collecting in these oversized hardcover volumes and have continued that habit. Since I’ve been buying more monthly comics these days I almost wish I was buying “Invincible” monthly too since I don’t like being a year behind in the story. But I do like these oversized books and I can’t afford to but the same stuff twice. Oh well.

    Since I’ve purchased the previous six volumes I obviously like this comic and I obviously think it’s good. I didn’t expect that to change and it doesn’t. Kirkman writes an interesting super-hero comic here and Ottley tells a good story and draws it all nicely. Plus there are some sketches and extras in the back.

    This is an interesting volume in terms of what happens in the story. Kirkman isn’t necessarily “Writing for the collection” so this volume picks up, sort of, in the middle of a story and ends, sort of, in the middle of another one. It’s a classic ongoing comic book story structure so expect to be reading a bunch of comics rather than an “Arc”.

    The first half of the book involves a huge space war between two empires with the fate of a hundred worlds in the balance. The second part of the book is about Invincible coming back to Earth after the space war and trying to settle into being a super-hero again. That’s a tough transition for both the character and the writer. How do you settle back into a “Normal” life after being in a war? And how does the writer keep the readers involved in the story now that the “Billions of lives are at risk” stakes have been lowered to “I gotta stop that bank robbery”.

    It was an interesting conundrum that I think Kirkman and Ottley eventually pulled off. I have to say that it took a couple of issues. Invincible had to muddle around a bit after he got back to Earth but eventually got his focus back and by the end of this volume I was anxious to see what else was in store for us readers. It left me wanting more and that’s a good thing.

    So once again I’ll recommend “Invincible”. If you’re a fan of super-heroes or comics in general it’s a good one.