I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got two new comics plus a magazine:

  • The Walking Dead – 67
  • Grim Jack “The Manx Cat” – 4
  • “Draw” #18 Fall 2009
  • And now for a review of something I’ve read recently.

  • Young Liars: Volume 2 “Maestro” by David Lapham
  • I’m a fan of David Lapham’s work in general and liked volume one of “Young Liars” but this volume left me dazed and confused. Volume one was a complete self contained story that I thought didn’t leave a whole lot of room for a sequel. But the series continues and here is the sequel.

    Volume one started out with all the characters being fairly normal and then Lapham took them and us on a crazy ride. Volume two ups the ante by making things even crazier. For the first chapter it pretty much turned from a rock and roll crime story into an alien invasion sci-fi book. It was all a little bizarre.

    “All a little confusing”, is what sums up this volume for me. I’m still not even sure who the narrator was in the beginning of the book. And that’s just one point. We have the same cast of rock and roll outcasts from the first volume but there are a lot of flashbacks and subterfuge going on. The plot changed focus/direction at least three times. I couldn’t always get my bearings.

    This volume is just plain crazy. Invading spider aliens, gunfights, and sexual betrayal, it has them all. I couldn’t even mention all the strange goings on because I couldn’t begin to describe them. What they all mean I’m not sure. If you’re a fan of far out weird stuff check out this volume. I liked volume one better because it had a more coherent story but for sheer craziness this one wins.