I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got a trade paperback collection plus a hard cover:

  • “The Finder Library: Volume 1”
  • “Starstruck: Deluxe Edition”
  • And now for a review of something I’ve read recently.

    “The Goon: Fancy Pants Edition: Volume Three – The Return of Labrazio” by Eric Powell

    The Goon is a big thug-like fella who lives in a town filled with all sorts of weird people and creatures. This volume collects issues 20-31 of his comic. I came late to this series even though I knew people who liked it years ago. I’ve read Fancy Pants Edition Volume 2 and the Chinatown graphic novel but that’s it.

    I though this volume started and ended strong but in between was a little stale. The Goon finds out that the town he lives in is cursed and therefore attracts evil monsters and people to it. Some new big bad moves into town and wants to take over. The Goon is also told he can leave town and maybe be happy or stay in town to be its protector and be miserable. Not exactly new stuff there plot-wise and it left me a little cold.

    The Goon solves most of his problems throughout the book by beating them up. The guy named Labrazio who is in the title is the guy the big bads send to do their bidding and take care of the Goon. He’s someone from the Goon’s past and the Goon is not happy to see him back. They and their minions fight it out.

    There don’t seem to be any particular rules to the supernatural creatures that pop up in the story. There are some specific rules that apply to characters who are integral to the plot but there are also zombies, werewolves, and other odd things populating the town that seem to just be. You never know what’s around the next corner.

    It’s the artwork that really makes The Goon. It’s nice looking stuff. Eric Powell does the drawing in pencil and lays down a bunch of grey tones rather than it being inked. Dave Stewart then colors right over the pencils. It gives it a polished, rounded, but creepy look. There is definitely a uniqueness to the art.

    I’d have to say that this was a good read. It might not be a favorite and I found the plot a little lacking but it had its moments and I like it’s overall style and look. It’s a fine bit of fun.