This week I bought four of my regular comics and didn’t try any new ones. The four regulars are: Red Sonja 10, Savage Dragon 126, Age of Bronze 23 and Apocalypse Nerd 3. It has been so long since Peter Bagge’s Apocalypse Nerd 2 that I forgot the series existed. It is a good book though.

From last week Death Comes to Dillinger 1, a horror western, was only okay. Death is an actual character who roams the old west and he comes into a town (Dillinger) and everybody wonders who he is there for. A man with a sick daughter is especially apprehensive and willing to get into a gunfight with death over his daughter. It is not badly done but reading my two sentence description is the same as reading the comic. Nothing else happens and it is one of those three word balloons a page books. It is only a two issue mini and I assume next issue nothing will happen but the gunfight. There is more story in three pages of the current Jonah Hex book than in a whole issue of Death Comes to Dillinger.

Wyrms 1 is a fantasy comic. I have nothing against fantasy books but one of the things that turns me off to some of them is their preoccupation with royalty. I don’t care who the rightful king is or if they restore the bloodline. I live in the USA where people once fought so that we could get rid of all that royalty crap. It wasn’t badly done. I just don’t care for the subject matter.

I did enjoy Following Cerebus 8. The articles and essays were much more interesting than in the only other issue I picked up which was the first.