I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got nine new comics plus a hard cover collection:

  • Bloodshot −2
  • Revival – 2
  • Fatale – 7
  • Saga – 6
  • Supreme −66
  • Batman Incorporated – 3
  • Harbinger – 3
  • The Waking Dead – 101
  • Daredevil −17
  • ”Conan: Throne of Aquilonia”
  • And now for a review of something I’ve read recently.

    ”Thief of Thieves” Issues 1-6 by Robert Kirkman (Story), Nick Spencer (Writer), and Shawn Martinbrough (Artist)

    This is a new monthly comic I’ve been picking up and since there are now six issues of it I decided to give it a review. The story arc doesn’t end with this issue but, what the heck, I’m reading it monthly so that’s how I’ll review it. I’ve been buying more monthly comics lately and fewer collections so this should be a trend.

    ”Thief of Thieves” is quite what I expected it to be. It is, yet again, the story of one of the best thieves in the world. I expected it to be more of a caper book but it’s not. It’s the story of the thief, Redmond, trying to retire and get out of thieving but, of course, crime doesn’t work that way. He has old partners who want to make some money, a cop who knows exactly who he is and wants him in jail, and a son who is in his early 20’s not nearly the criminal his father is and on his third strike. The cop wants to use the son’s predicament to reign in the father.

    ”Thief of Thieves” is the story of Redmond trying to navigate around his life blowing up. He’s had lots of success and money but now might be at the end of that ride. He’s a failure as a father and that’s just one of the things that haunts him. How is he possibly going to figure all of this out? That’s the story. It’s not as grim as all that sounds either. There is fun to be found in the book.

    I like the artwork by Martinbrough. He’s got a stripped down high contrast style that appeals to me. Lot’s of solid blacks and bold line work. I much prefer that to the “No line weight” style that’s been popular for years now. He’s also a solid story teller but maybe at times a little too pedestrian for me. I’m not sure if he’s working from a full script but occasionally things seem a bit too literal. He’s good and I like the art so these aren’t complaints just observations.

    So there you go. I like this book. It’s on my pull list so I’ll be buying any issues of it that come out. Hopefully it’ll have a good long run. Check it out.

    Just a quick update. Since I wrote this issue seven has come out and the first story arc has ended. It ended well too. Just thought I’d let you know.