I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got one new comic plus a hard cover collection:

  • The Walking Dead – 76
  • Godland: Celestial Edition Volume 2
  • Some quick reviews since I’ve reviewed other volumes previous to these and don’t have much new to say.

    “Captain America: The Death of Captain America Omnibus” by Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting and others

    This volume is exactly what I thought it would be. All of Cap’s friends mourning his death for issue after issue until someone new takes up the shield to be the new Captain America. The first two issues are the most maudlin and they’re hard to get through. They are just so darned depressing.

    The story ended up being okay and the art was fine (besides being a little too brown for my taste) but I really didn’t enjoy this volume much. I like Captain America and wanted to read some Cap stories but these are stories about all of Cap’s buddies. Such is the problem of writing a comic where the title character is dead.

    The quality of this volume is equal to the last one but I don’t really see myself ever reading this one again. It’s sad, depressing, and not about Captain America. Oh well.

    “The Starman Omnibus” Volume Three by James Robinson, Tony Harris, and others.

    This volume starts out with a reprint of the “Shade” mini series before getting into Starman issues 30-38. I really liked the Shade stuff. I worried that I wouldn’t when I first started reading it because it seemed a little too Goth and serious (in a bad way) to me but it won me over. I ended up liking Shade’s story and the nice artwork.

    The Starman issues are like the first two volumes of the omnibuses. Good stuff. They are as much about Starman’s civilian identity, Jack Knight, as they are about Starman. As a matter of fact there is really not much difference between them. Jack is much the same whether he has his star rod that gives him his powers or not.

    Starman seems to be carried along by the story rather than the major mover of the story. But that’s the kind of superhero Starman is. Jack never wanted to be a hero. It was thrust upon him so he tries to do his best but isn’t really a 100% Batman type super hero. He plays it by ear and does what he can.

    This volume continues the quality of the first two. Since I have never read any of these comics before I am enjoying them for the first time.

    “The Incredible Hercules – Assault on New Olympus” by Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, and Rodney Buchemi

    I think this is the last “Incredible Hercules” volume we get before they launch it as something else maybe starring Hercules. This volume is as good as the others. It’s full of fun and funny action as Herc takes on some other Greek gods in a final battle. Of course these Greek gods have been having final battles for a long time so there will probably be another eventually.

    Anyway this is a good book. I don’t have anything new to say about these Hercules volumes since I liked all of them and they’re all about the same. Fun superhero/historical adventure.