I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got six new comics:

  • Godzilla: Half Century War – 5
  • Harbinger – 8
  • Harbinger Wars – 1
  • Savage Dragon – 186
  • Mind the Gap – 9
  • Deadpool – 7
  • And now for a review of something I’ve read recently.

    ”The Massive: Subcontinental” Issues 7-9 of The Massive by Brian Wood and Garry Brown

    This comic has picked up for me since Garry Brown came on board to do the art. The art is similar in style and quality to the first artist on the book, Kristian Donaldson, so I’m not sure if the writing has gotten better or if Brown is a little bit better story teller. Either way I’ve been enjoying “The Massive” more these days.

    This three part story was a bit confusing to me but still I enjoyed it a lot. The protagonist’s main ship “The Kapital” is docked outside a sea station in the middle of the Indian Ocean that in this almost post-apocalyptic world has declared itself an independent nation. The main character and captain of The Kapital, Callum Israel, is looking for some rest and relaxation but, of course, shenanigans occur instead.

    This story was a little weird in that I didn’t really have an idea of what was going on. I don’t think Callum did either. His crew seemed to be acting on their own accord going about doing something on the sea station that wasn’t above board. The sea station guys were doing what they could to stop them including keeping Callum hostage the whole time. Everything was so secretive that it was hard to tell what was really going on. Still I liked it a lot. On the last page of the story there is a three paragraph epilogue that reads sort of like a news report that spills all the details of what happened. It made me go, “Oh, I get it now”.

    I know this is a bit of a weird review because who likes a story when they can’t quite tell what the heck is going on but I liked this one. We were kind of in the shoes of Callum as he didn’t know what was going on either. One day I’ll read it through again and maybe catch more stuff than I did reading it month to month but either way I recommend it. “The Massive” has settled into being a good comic.