I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got seven new comics plus three collections:

  • Walking Dead – 96
  • Reset – 1
  • Ragemoor – 2
  • Rachel Rising – 7
  • Dark Horse Presents – 11
  • Grifter – 8
  • The Activity – 5
  • ”The Mighty Skullboy Army Volume 2”
  • ”Avengers: The Serpent Crown”
  • ”Invincible: Ultimate Collection Volume 7”
  • And now for a review of something I’ve read recently.

    ”The Invincible Iron Man Volume 8: Unfixable” by Matt Fraction, Salvador Larroca, and others.

    So here I am back for another volume of Iron Man. After eight volumes, which is about forty issues, I think this is the Marvel comic that I’ve been reading for the longest time these days. I hardly buy any current Marvels so it’s not a hard record to set but I still find it a little hard to believe that I’ve ended up reading so much Iron Man. It’s not the greatest comic but it’s solid. And this volume is solid too.

    It’s that consistency that’s kept me with Iron Man this long. Matt Fraction has done almost all of the writing and I’ve enjoyed it. Salvador Larroca has done most of the art and though I have my problems with the style he uses a lot of the time it’s still a solid job and I don’t have enough of a problem with it that it would keep me away. Overall volumes one through eight have been a solid “B” for me.

    This volume takes a little turn from the others. There is no large story arc going on at the moment and instead we get a three issue story about a confrontation between Doc Ock and Iron Man. It’s not quite a super hero fight as Doc Ock wants Tony Stark to cure him of an illness but it’s for sure a confrontation. Not your average super hero story but interesting. We even get some flashbacks to Tony Stark and Doc Ock knowing each other in the scientific community before either of them became super powered.

    Rounding out this volume is the “Free Comic Book Day” comic starring Thor and Iron Man that is written by Fraction and drawn by John Romita Jr. It’s a little more traditional than Fraction’s other Iron Man stories but it’s well done. Romita’s art is good as it usually is.

    The final story is a one shot about Pepper Potts as she wears her “Rescue” armor. Rather than being a super hero Pepper uses her Iron Man type armor to try and save people. This issue it’s from a fire. She’s also trying to evade some people who are after her. It’s nothing special but once again it’s a solid comic.

    That’s been my assessment of the latest ”The Invincible Iron Man” series so far. It’s been consistent and solid. It seems that’s been enough to keep me around for eight volumes. Probably for a ninth too.