I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got five new comics:

  • Saga −12
  • Harbinger – 11
  • Archer and Armstrong – 9
  • Walking Dead – 109
  • Sex – 2
  • And now for a review of something I’ve read recently.

    ”Epic Kill” Issues 7-9 by Raffaele Ienco

    “Epic Kill” was originally a six issue mini-series ( which I’ve already reviewed) before Ienco decided to continue it as an ongoing series. He must have changed plans after that though because at the end of issue nine it announces that issue ten is going to be the series finale. That’s too bad because I’ve liked these last few issues better than the mini-series ones.

    “Epic Kill” is about a woman named Song who has trained herself into a living weapon to get revenge on the man who negligently killed her father. The twist was that man is now a candidate for the Presidency of the US. Issues 1-6 were straight forward, out for revenge, fighting countless military types, comics. With issue seven we actually got more of a plot.

    In these latest issues Song actually gets less invincible in her fighting skills. She was over-the-top skilled in the first story but in this one she’s still skilled but more down to earth. Her uncle, who trained her, gets kidnapped and she discovers a vast conspiracy that involves a world power grab. She just wants her uncle back though. She also meets another sort of super hero along the way. I like this story better than the first one since it’s more than just a revenge fight tale.

    Ienco’s artwork is nice and illustrative stuff plus he tells a good story. The end sequence in issue nine that took place in the woods was especially evocative. He’s made me feel more for Song in these three issues than in all the issues where she was just an unstoppable killing machine. I was a little sad to see that next issue is the last one. I was planning on writing this after I read this issue since I like it more than my last review and I continued to write even without reading the end of the story because no matter what the last issue brings I still like these ones. Give it a read.