Just two new comics this week:

  • StormWatch Post Human Division – 6
  • Optic Nerve – 11
  • The last issue of Optic Nerve to come out (10) was way back in 2005. It’s always a pleasant surprise when I see a new one in the shop.

    Format really does make a difference. I bought Frank Miller’s 300 in its original run back in 1999 (I wouldn’t have guessed it was that long ago time flies). It was printed in the standard comic book form as a five issue mini series. I enjoyed it but didn’t think it was all that. I thought it had some story telling problems due to the fact that it wasn’t following a standard layout. Instead of reading across the left page and then down before moving to the right page (as any book reads)(well, not Japanese ones) you read all the way across from the left page to the right and then back down and left. Each page was essentially a double page spread with the spine in the middle. The spine visually interrupted every page and ruined the story flow for me. This is why left and right pages are usually completely separate pieces of art in a comic.

    The hardcover 300 collection is printed quite differently. It’s printed how Frank Miller actually designed it. The book is a double wide. It’s twice the with of a normal comic hence what was a double page spread in the comic (every page) is now a single page. Each page reads as it should and the story telling isn’t broken up. It makes a world of difference. The story goes from problematic to just plain good. It all makes sense now. If you’ve only checked out 300 in it’s original form do yourself the favor and read it as it was meant to be read. Double wide.

    Week Sixteen of my reviews of recent DC Comics.

    Army @ Love 1 – I generally like Rick Veitch’s stuff but sometimes he just gets too goofy for me. This is one of those. Its a story well told about the US army’s new initiative to reward combat men and women with sex but it’s just too absurd for me. It sure makes war look like fun though. Check it out if you can handle the goofiness.

    Superman Confidential 2 – I guess this is Superman Year One and a Half or some such. He’s just started out and his parents are still alive. It didn’t do it for me. Too much Superman whining about stuff. Oh woe is me I almost failed to stop a volcano and missed my date with Lois. What should I do Ma? I got two more issues of this (3-4) that are going into the “to be given away” pile with out even being read.

    The Creeper (2007) 5-6 – These are the last two issues in a mini series and they were pretty good. The art was solid and even imaginative in places, the story telling was generally fine, and the script an plot were fun. A nice couple of super hero issues guest starring Batman that were filled with fights, villains, monsters, and evil plans. Give it a look.

    The Authority (2007) 2 – The Authority’s dimension traveling shift ship has crashed into a new dimension and can’t get out. That dimension has no super heroes or magic and looks a lot like ours. I guess this is going to be “What if the Authority Existed on Our World?”. Yawn. That covers the plot. The art has an unfinished quality to it and the storytelling isn’t very good. The colors are drab and muddy too. Not much to recommend here so move on.

    JLA Classified 36 – The third and final part to a fun dimension spanning Justice League story. I reviewed the first two parts a few weeks back and I haven’t changed my mind. I liked this story. It wasn’t Earth shattering but it was imaginative. Imagination is always a plus in my book.