I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got two new comic plus two hard cover books:

  • Sparta U.S.A. – 2
  • Buffy Season 8 – 34
  • “Market Day” by James Sturm
  • “The Art of Jaime Hernandez”/li>

    And now for a review of something I’ve read recently.

  • “Fantastic Four Volume 1 – Solve Everything” by Jonathan Hickman, Dale Eaglesham, and Neil Edwards
  • I think this is the first “Fantastic Four” comic that I have reviewed. That’ll tell you how often I read the FF these days. Unfortunately this volume did little to change my mind on that front. It’s not a bad comic. I just found nothing interesting about it.

    First off I think this story suffers from what a lot of modern super hero comics suffer from. They are too esoteric. If you are not familiar with a lot of what has gone on before it’s tough to tell what’s going on now. If I were to give this book to someone who has never read the FF before I doubt they’d have any idea what was happening.

    The second thing this volume suffers from is also indicative of a lot of modern super hero comics. Even though I recognize the names and costumes of many characters they’ve changed so much over the years that they act nothing like they used to. The villain in the first issue, The Wizard, acted nothing like The Wizard I used to know. I know things aren’t going to always stay the same but then why not create new characters to fill the new roles?

    All the new characters in this book are variations of old ones as in the 1950’s Marvel Family: Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., Mary Marvel, and all the rest. How am I supposed to be emotionally involved with a character when there are six more versions of him waiting to take over if anything happens to him? They were killing charters who were the variations left and right in this book and it meant nothing. They killed fat Reed Richards in panel one but don’t worry they’ll create a new skinny Reed Richards by panel three. Now repeat page after page.

    I also have a special dislike for time travel and alternate dimension stories. They rarely make sense in the end and have been done to death. The only reason for them seems to be to pointlessly kill off variations of beloved characters for shock value. Though I don’t think anyone is shocked anymore. Lots of writers want to do their own “Days of Future Past”. There’s an esoteric reference for you.

    Anyway, the script and art really weren’t so bad. It was the style, plot, and subject matter that weren’t to my taste. But if you’re into this modern super hero confusing alternate reality type story then maybe you should check this volume out.