I only bought one regular comic this week: Strangers in Paradise 82. Only 8 issues left until the end of the series.

I also picked up two first issues: Death Comes to Dillinger 1, which looks like a horror western and Wyrms 1, another Orson Scott Card novel adaptation which looks like a fantasy comic.

Additionally I bought Following Cerebus 8. Being a Cerebus fan I picked up Following Cerebus 1 a year so ago. It was all text and had essays and general writing about Cerebus and I didn’t find it very interesting. I picked number 8 of of the shelf and it has a few pages of comics and the rest is essays but it looks more interesting. The topics seem to be comics in general rather than just Cerebus. I’ll let you know how the new ones are.

I liked Fell 5 from last week and will be picking up some more issues. It is good Warren Ellis.