A good week for buying comics this week I got six new ones.

  • Jack Staff 13
  • Samurai Heaven and Earth Vol 2 No 3
  • Fear Agent 11
  • Walking Dead 35
  • True Story Swear To God 4 which will now be a regular. I’ll put it on my pull list.
  • City of Others 1
  • That last one I picked up because it is drawn by Bernie Wrightson. It’s from Dark Horse Comics ans is the first issue in a four issue mini series. I’ll let you know how it is.

    And now week eleven of my reviews of recent DC Comics.

    Blue Beetle 2,3,5,10 – Now there’s an odd assortment of issue numbers to read. Issue three even takes place one year after issue two. But hey, they were given to me and beggars can’t be choosers and all that. Even with no two issues really in a row I enjoyed this book. It takes place on the US/Mexican border. A place that never sees super heroes. The new Blue Beetle has a “Greatest American Hero” thing going on in that he has a suit of armor and doesn’t know where it came from or what it can do. But the suit can communicate with him. Except not in a language we as readers can understand. It all make for a rather unique super hero comic. The book is more about the characters, Mexicans, Americans, and Mexican Americans. Though there is no real distinction between the three as everyone mixes together in this border town.

    The plot, as far as I can tell from my assortment of issues, has something to do with a local criminal kidnapping and somehow utilizing super powered people (“Extras” they’re called). A gang of “Extras” called “The Posse” has formed to protect themselves from the head criminal. And there’s some magical stuff going on too. And then in issue ten a Mother Box transports Blue Beetle to some planet out of Jack Kirby’s “New Gods”. All in all I want to track down some more issues of this comic. But be warned: being that it is a DC comic there are four different artists drawing the four issues. Cully Hammer draws issue 2 and most of issue ten so maybe it’s three and a quarter artists. Check it out for some different sorta super hero action.

    Green Lantern 11, 13 – This is the best of the Green Lantern stuff I’ve reviewed so far. The art is nice, the coloring is good, and the writing is solid. I just have a hard time swallowing all the basic Green Lantern Corps stuff. Green Lantern on his own is fine. Add in all that GLC back story and it’s basic nonsensical nature drives me to distraction. In these issues Hal Jordan is, once again, defying the Guardians orders. The Guardians, once again, have a secret agenda that they are not telling. I won’t even go into why the Guardians need all those Green Lanterns in the first place. This stuff baffles me. Check it out if you’re a Green Lantern though.