This week I bought three comics. Usagi Yojimbo 94 and Savage Dragon 127 are both regulars and both center around excellent storytelling. Always recommended

The third one I got was Brave New World 1 from DC. The only reason I bought this one was the price. “80 pages for $1” the cover proudly proclaims. I don’t normally read any DC comics, excepting Jonah Hex, and have no idea what went on in their big crossover event for which this is an epilogue but what the hey, it was only a dollar.

I read Casanova 1 from last week and, though it was pretty well done, I don’t need another issue of it. It is the story of a nihilistic, thrill seeking, cares only for his percentage thief, slash rich kid, slash time traveling multi-dimensional secret agent. The art and script were fine but the plot suffered from time travel elements that were pure mumbo jumbo as is the normal pitfall of time travel stories. The real problem was that the “believes in nothing” lead character has been done to death and I didn’t find very interesting. If you are not completely bored with that type of character it is worth a look.