I’m back from this week’s trip to the comic shop. I picked up five new comics and for the first time in weeks I got no TPBs or hardcover collections.

  • Love and Rockets 20
  • Buffy Season Eight 5
  • Usagi Yojimbo 104
  • The Walking Dead 39
  • Grendel Behold The Devil 0 (a 50¢ special)
  • A pretty good haul for me in a single week. I always liked Matt Wagner’s Grendel so I’m glad to see he’s back to making some more issues.

    I only have one review for you this week. It was a slow week for reading comics.

  • The TPB – Michael Morcock’s Elric “The Masking of a Sorcerer”
  • I first encountered Elric as a comic book way back in the early 80’s when it was published by Pacific Comics. Or maybe the Marvel graphic novel was first? (1982 Marvel was first I just looked it up) Either way it wasn’t until the mid 90’s that I read the novels on which the comics were based. The novels are way better than the comics. As a matter of fact if the comics weren’t being drawn by P. Craig Russell they really weren’t very good at all. Still, I have a soft spot for Elric comics.

    When I saw this series was actually written by Michael Morcock, the author of the novels, I was intrigued and wanted to pick it up. But the comic was printed in a square bound format that I hate so I decided to wait for a trade paperback collection. Two years later here it is. Though not drawn by P. Craig Russell I have no complaints because Walt Simonson handles the art chores.

    I liked this book but I’m having a hard time reviewing it. I don’t know if someone who knows nothing of Elric will be able to get into it. The story takes place before the first Elric novel and involves him learning the lessons he needs to know by sorcerous dreaming. He lies down on a dreaming couch and goes back in time to live and have adventures throughout his empire’s (Melniboné) history. It’s nicely done involving all the characters, gods, and races of the other Elric books.

    This TPB is definitely different from most comics out there today. It’s written by a prose author so there is lots to read. Especially when compared to the current “decompressed” trend in comic book writing. You won’t complain that you read the whole thing in nine minutes. Some of the language is also a little formal. This is because a lot of the characters are high born royal snobs and talk like it. I usually find this a little off putting and still do here.

    Overall I have to say pick this up if you are an Elric fan or want to see want Elric is all about. If you have no interest in sword and fantasy novels then I don’t think this comic will change you mind. But I liked it.