I’m back from the comic shop this week and I got no new comics! That’s three out of five weeks this January without a new comic for me. I did find a hard cover collection to buy that I’ve never even heard of. Plus I got a new sweater and pair of pants but not at the comic shop:

  • “Sight Unseen” by Robert Tinnell and Bo Hampton
  • And now for a review of something I’ve read this week.

  • Warren Ellis “Blackgas”
  • Here’s where you can tell I’ve been a real sucker for the moderately priced (cheap when compared to buying the individual issues) hardcover collection lately. I gave a short review of Blackgas 1-3 back in June or so and I didn’t even particularly like it. But when this “Limited Edition” (sure, limited to how many they could sell) hardcover of issues 1-6 went on sale for about $17 at Amazon I picked it up. I wanted to read the rest of the story.

    Y’know I still like the beginning of the story when we are getting to know the characters and they’re just doing normal stuff best. Our lead characters are a boyfriend and girlfriend who are visiting the home of the boyfriend which is a small island of the coast. I’m not even sure which coast. But then the earth belches some black gas and everybody on the island turns into a zombie like monster.

    That was issues 1-3 and issues 4-6 are when our characters make it to them mainland. Yeah, everybody in whatever city it is on the mainland is a zombie too. What little plot there was in the first three issues virtually disappears and zombie mayhem ensues. Issue six is nothing but violent destruction that leads up to a rather obvious conclusion.

    Overall this book was not really my cup of tea but I did appreciate the obvious enthusiasm the artists (Max Fiumara 1-5 and Ryan Waterhouse 6) and writer had. This is some B level talent trying to put out a B level book and it’s okay in the end.