Back to my regularly scheduled comics day this week. I picked up three comics.

  • Rex Mundi 4
  • Local 8
  • True Story Swear To God 3
  • Plus I got StormWatch Post Human Division 4 last week.
  • One more thing I got this week is “Mighty Skullboy Army Vol. 1“. It’s the trade paperback edition from Dark Horse Comics. It’s done by my buddy Jacob Chabot and it’s a collection of his mini comics that he’s been doing for a few years. Some of the funniest stuff you’ll read.

    Skullboy is a grade school kid who has a skull for a head and runs an evil corporation dedicated to talking over the world. His actual army consists of Unit One (Mr. Awesome as he calls himself) and Unit Two. Unit One is a pint sized robot with a built in arsenal. Unit Two is an allegedly super smart monkey. I say allegedly because he spends most of his time acting like a monkey, not following orders, and doing his own thing. Plus he doesn’t talk.

    Skullboy juggles school and his evil corporation while fending off other evil competitors and a mysterious dog. Well drawn and well written check out Skullboy if you want a good laugh.

    Week Ten of my reviews of recent DC Comics.

    Shadowpact 6-7 – This is a team book written by Bill Willingham about a bunch of DC’s magical characters. None of their big name magical characters are in it. In fact the only one I recognized was Blue Devil. I remember buying some Blue Devil comics way back in ’84. DC’s Earth is at a nexus/crossroads of some kind and lots of magical dimensions want to conquer it. You’ve seen it before. Still it’s an okay book. Two different artists do each issue. It seems that’s standard for DC’s C level books these days (though this book is better than a lot of their A level ones). Both artists are pretty good and the colorist does a good job. The story line doesn’t quite hold together as tightly as I’d prefer but it’s okay. All in all this book made me want to like it. Check it out if are into some super hero magical stories.

    Teen Titans 39-40, 42 – This is really two reviews. The first two issues are basic super hero stuff. There is a mystery going on and the Teen Titans are trying to figure it out. Nothing too exciting but solid. The art is pleasant enough (Tony Daniel & Kevin Conrad) and the writing (Geoff Johns) is fairly snappy so I have no real complaints. Check it out if you want a Teen Titans fix.
    Issue 42 is where things go bad. Of course being DC it is drawn by a different artist (Peter Sneibierg). I liked the art so that’s not my complaint. It’s the writing. The story is the origin of Kid Devil and it drones on and on in a nearly endless first person narrative. There are so many word balloons and captions I thought Roy Thomas wrote it. Nope, still Geoff Johns. If all those word balloons and captions had something interesting to say I wouldn’t be complaining. But they don’t. Truly dull stuff. Stick with issues 39-40.