I hit the comic shop again this week and got three of my regulars and one other that might turn into a regular.

  • The Escapists 6 (of 6)
  • Fear Agent 9
  • Ex Machina 25
  • Storm Watch Post Human Division 2
  • I also picked up the magazine Alter Ego 63. I’ve never read an issue of it but this one is an Alex Toth tribute issue so I just had to get it.

    And now I’ll continue with the reviews of some recent DC Comics a buddy sent me. I only got to read a few of them this week and here they are:

    Batman and the Mad Monk 3-4 (of six?)- A pleasant surprise. I’ve liked Matt Wagner’s stuff since way back when I bought Mage in the 80s’ so I usually give a look at his latest work. But last year’s “Batman and the Monster Man” from Wagner left me cold and I didn’t make it past the first issue. I’m no Batman fan due to the large number of really bad Batman comics out there but this isn’t one of them. In this story Batman is a person and a detective; not an “inhuman force of vengeance” or some such nonsense as he often is portrayed in other stories. He actually has a scary opponent too. Check it out.

    Aquaman Sword of Atlantis 45- This Aquaman story suffers from what every Aquaman story suffers from. There is absolutely no reason for it to take place underwater. That being said the art is nice and the script okay (Busiek and Guice) but the plot leaves a bit to be desired. It’s the end of a big story but I had no problem following it That’s the good part. The bad part is that the plot involved a military battle and I seriously question the tactics involved in said battle. Not everybody is as picky as me about such things so check it out if underwater super-heroes are your thing.