I went to the old comic shop today and got five comics. Four regulars:

Autumn 5 which is the story of this weird little goth chick witch who lives in this strange small medieval town in the middle of the woods. It is an odd comic but I like it a lot. It is from SLG.

The Savage Dragon 0 which reprints his origin story from the Image Tenth Anniversary hardcover. It’s for those of us who didn’t to buy that but still want the Dragon story.

Strangers in paradise 83. Only seven issues left in the series. I wonder what Terry Moore is going to do next.

Fear Agent 6. The first few pages of Fear Agent 5 were a cop out Deus Ex Machina but I’ll have to forgive them. The rest has been good.

And four my fifth comic something new: Highlander 0. I know it is going to be crap but it a 25ยข comic so oh well.

Hogan’s Alley, the magazine I bought last week really shines. It has an eclectic mix of articles on all forms of cartooning and it they all have their merits. I especially liked the article on the history of martial arts ads in comics. Now I know who Count Dante really was. Back issue magazine was also good as it usually is.