Another trip to the comic shop this week and I got four new comics. Conan #27, Red Sonja #9, Ex Machina Special #1, and The Black Coat #1. The first three are regulars and the fourth is something new to try. It looks like a spy/pirate/Zorro book that takes place during the American Revolution (1775). I’ll let you know how it is.

Last week’s trade that I tried, “Ring of Roses” gets a thumbs up but with a asterisk. It took place in an alternate world where the Church of England never broke away from Rome and England is still Catholic. The Pope is going to visit London (it’s 1990 or so) and all sorts of murder and political intrigue happens around his visit. The asterisk is because of the four comics which make up the trade only the last two are really good. Bad storytelling mars the first two issues mainly because the writer has the annoying habit of writing narrative that is different then the scene that is actually being drawn. It took me half a page of reading after a scene change to figure out who was talking. This was cleared up in the last two issues and things were fine. So if you can put up with the initial bad storytelling it is a good read.