It took a turn for the colder around these parts as it’s likely to do in March. I had the coldest bike ride of the three weeks I’ve been riding this year today. Thirty seven degrees Fahrenheit and windy. My finger tips were getting real cold as I rode with my thin gloves on. I can do without too many rides like that.

Lot’s of people that I know got real excited about last weekend’s warm weather and were posting their excitement on Facebook. I did my best not to dampen their enthusiasm by pointing out that end of May weather in the middle of March might not last but I’m not sure if I succeeded one hundred percent. Sometimes I get cynical when I think people are getting over excited about something.

The “Star Wars” movies are something that make me cynical. Well, it’s really the enthusiasm and excitement so many people I know have for those movies that makes me cynical. Somehow, among people of a certain age, “Star Wars” was some sort of transcendental religious experience. I don’t get it. To me it’s just a movie with spaceships and ray guns.

At least “Star Trek” I understand. It’s trying to be something a little more than the average TV show. The “Star Trek” makers want to make the world a better place by offering a little insight and uplift. I can understand the people who want to dress up and live in the “Star Trek” world. It’s a better world than ours and they would prefer to live there.

“Star Wars” on the other hand, no matter how good it actually is, is just another kids’ movie. I think that’s the fact that makes so many of the original “Star Wars” fans angry at the newest three movies. There is nothing transcendental about them. They are just kids’ movies and bad ones at that.

Kids born into the “Star Wars” era see nothing wrong with the last three movies. They are just another thing to be a fan of and buy toys about. I find that an interesting split. And it proves that they really are kids’ movies. That and the millions of “Star Wars” toys.

We’re well into the NFL’s off season these days. For almost three weeks the NFL networks filled their broadcast days with the draft combine. Three weeks of guys running football drills while coaches and scouts all watched then. And the NFL Network’s talking heads analyzed it all. More boring TV you could not find.

The NFL draft is on a Thursday night this year instead of the usual Saturday afternoon. That insures I won’t watch it because the only reason to watch was for the socializing. A few friends and I would get together and hang out on a spring afternoon with the draft on as an excuse. A little football oasis. Now it’s another boring TV show to be ignore on a Thursday night.

I’ve been playing an XBox 360 game lately. When my XBox 360 broke I pulled out the old Nintendo 64 just so I could play 1080º Snowboarding again. That inspired me to try a new snowboarding game: Stoked – Big Air Edition. I’ve been enjoying Stoked but I’m not sure if it’s better than 1080º. Stoked has more of an emphasis on tricks rather than racing which was 1080º’s forte. I prefer racing. Stoked has some good racing but 1080º’s was so well tuned it’s hard to beat.

I’ve been eating tangerines lately. Besides the fact that they taste good I’ve also been eating them because they have pits. Because they have pits I have to slow down and have a seat when I eat one. They have actually helped me relax a little more. I didn’t plan for that to happen when I bought some tangerines but I’ve embraced that it has. I now see extra value in pitted fruit.

I’ve also changed the way I eat apples just to slow down and relax a bit. I started off but just cutting them into slices but somehow that wasn’t enough. Now I cut them into slices and before I eat each slice I cut off the skin and eat that first. Then I eat the meat of the apple slice. It makes me slow down and relax during my day. It’s a bit meditative. Think I’ll have an apple. Later.