It’s time for my tradition of writing about what TV shows I’ve been watching. Here you go.

Russian Doll – A new Netflix show about a NYC woman caught in a Groundhog Day like time look. I found it funny and interesting. It was only eight half an hour episodes so it wasn’t very long but it didn’t ned to be. With these time loop plots I always find it more interesting how the characters deal with the loop rather than them solving the problem. I found that to be true here too but it was still entertaining even at the end.

FBI – A new police procedural show. I’m hit or miss with police shows but this one is a hit. It’s faced paced and is more involved with the solving the crimes than with personal lives. That’s how I like my police shows but your milage may vary.

Broad City – Our comedy duo is back for season five as we follow two thirty-ish women living in NYC. This one is zanny, faced paced, witty, and with some gross-out humor thrown in there. We usually get one or two episodes (out of twelve episodes a season) that are more experimental or conceptual than the rest and that’s fun.

Corporate – A show in its second season that I’ve only heard about now. It was mentioned in the back matter of one of the comic books that I read so I decided to check it out. It’s a dark comedy about working at a huge corporation. It’s funny but can also be depressing. So far I’m liking it.

Unsolved – I’ve been watching this Buzzfeed show on Amazon Prime. It’s in the tradition of “Unsolved Mysteries” in that it looks at crime, ghosts, and general mysteries. It has two hosts and any show of this type is all about the hosts. These two guy work for me. One is a skeptic and wise ass and the other is a believer and little too earnest at times. They make for a funny duo as we take a glance at the weirdness of the world.

Big Bang Theory – The twelfth and last season. I’ve been watching it from the beginning. It’s solid. I like it better as the seasons have gone one and the female cast member have been added. It’s never been my favorite sitcom but I’ll miss it when it’s gone.

Young Sheldon – I finally gave this one a try in season two. It’s a spin off of Big Bang Theory that takes place during the childhood of one of the Big Bang characters. I missed all of season one but that’s okay. It’s more of a family sitcom than Big Bang and is funny in its own right.

Supernatural – Season fourteen and another show I’ve been with since the beginning. What can I say about it? Our two lead characters fight monsters and keep it interesting. One of those shows that a whole new generation has discovered on Netflix. I’m with it until the end which is next year for its fifteenth and final season.

SEAL Team – Season two of our military show has been as good as season one. This show is about friendship, teamwork, and being in an elite military unit. It’s well done. On a side note I’ve been watching David Boreanaz on TV for a line time. Buffy-Angel-Bones-Seal Team. That’s a lot of seasons.

The Rookie – Nathan Fillion as an old guy who joins the L.A. Police force and is really old for a rookie. A police procedural about rookie cops. It’s fun. This one is as much about the characters and Fillion as it is about policing. It’s on the lighter side of cop shows. I’ve liked the show’s rookie year.

Lethal Weapon – Season three and they had to get rid of the actor from the first two seasons because he was too much of a pain in the ass. This third season hasn’t come together for me. I don’t like the new character and they seem to do less and less policing as the season progresses. This one will probably not be renewed and that’s okay with me.

Modern Family – Season ten and it’s as fun and strong as ever. I think I read that next year is its final season and I’ll miss it when it’s gone.

The Passage – A new drama based on some books about vampires. So far in the show they’ve created some vampires while trying to cure disease and the vamps are about the bust loose. It’s a little bit action, drama, and horror. It’s okay.

I Am the Night – Another new drama about L.A. In the mid 1960s. It’s about a 16 year old mixed race girl who goes to find her white side of the family, a burnt out reporter, and the Black Dahlia murder case. Lost of mystery, racism, corruption, and murder. It’s okay but not terrific.

Magnum PI – A remake of the old 1980s Tom Selleck show about a private investigator in Hawaii. It’s solid. It’s more action oriented than the original but it’s not very deep. I like it but it’s not always as involving as I like a TV show to be. Still the scenery and characters are all pleasant to watch and that’s not always easy to pull off.

Angie Tribeca – A fourth season of weird “Airplane” style humor except it’s a cop show. Lots of jokes and sight gags so don’t take your eyes off of the screen. I especially like the “Fargo” parody.

Brooklyn 99 – Another cop show comedy. I got cancelled on one network and brought back on another. This one is fast paced and fun which is just how I like my sitcoms. Terry Crews in in it so what more can you ask for?

The Good Place – The third season has ended for this one and it continues to evolve in new ways. It’s a comedy about the afterlife. Screw ups have happened and things are always being thrown into disorder for our six lead characters. It has a lot of heart and a lot of funny.

Man With a Plan – This show is in its third season already?!? It stars Joey from “Friends” and is a solid middle of the road family sitcom. I like it when I’m watching it but it doesn’t stick with me.

Superstore – This one is in season four and I think it’s gotten stronger with each season. It’s a sitcom about a bunch of employees at a big box store. It’s not breaking any new ground but I look forward to it. This one is somehow a feel good comedy to me.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel – An Amazon show that won a lot of Emmys for it’s first season is back for a second. It was as good as if not better than the first. It takes place in the late 1950s in NYC and a recently divorced woman is trying to start a career as a comedian. I’ve read it is inspired by the life of Joan Rivers. True or not the show is a lot of fun and has some great style.

The Umbrella Academy – I just started watching this one on Netflix. It’s based on a comic book that I’ve never read but now I want to. I’m only two episode in but I like it.

Manifest – A new mystery show in the tradition of “Lost.” A plane disappears but then five years later reappears and no time has passed for those on board. How could that happen? Who is behind it all? Is it a conspiracy? These are all the questions our characters have to find out. So far it’s been decent. Not great and a little too slow at times but I’ll stick around if it gets renewed.