I haven’t written about what TV shows I’m currently watching in a long time. I bet I’ve forgotten some but that’s life. We forget most everything over time. That’s why I like to write things down.

Go On – A 2012 Mathew Perry sitcom that lasted for one season and 22 episodes. This is the first time I’ve seen it since it first ran (it’s November 2021 as I write this). I liked it back then and I still like it. Perry is a sports talk radio host who recently lost his wife. He joins a bereavement group full of weirdos and they all slowly bond over goofy plots. I find it sharp and amusing.

You – Our almost serial killer star is back and this time he has a new baby with his murderous wife. They try not to get angry and kill anyone but life doesn’t always cooperate with them. I’ve watched the first three episodes of season three on Netflix and I’m enjoying it. It’s a dark comedy.

Alone Together – An Esther Povitsky and Benjy Aflalo sitcom from 2018 that had two seasons and 20 episodes. I really enjoy this weird and quirky sitcom about two millennials who are friends but not romantically involved with each other. They’re losers in life who are always looking for an angle to be winners. A couple of goofballs who indulge their flaws to make us laugh.

Young Sheldon – Back for a fourth season this “Big Bang Theory” spinoff is amusing. It’s a family comedy about boy genius Sheldon Cooper as he’s growing up. It’s not groundbreaking or edgy but it’s amusing and does a good job being funny and likable.

Are You There, Chelsea? – Another rewatch as it’s a sitcom from 2012 that has only 12 episodes. It stars Laura Prepon and is based on a book by Chelsea Handler about her life back when she was an ordinary person. Not the greatest show and a bit obvious at time but I still like it. It takes place in a bar as our lead character is a waitress but it’s really about her and her friends. They mostly work in the bar too.

FBI – I haven’t liked the spin-offs of this show (there are two other FBI shows at this writing) but I still like the original. It’s an FBI procedural in which the agents solve crimes and have adventures every week.

Dexter – Dexter is back and I’ve only seen two episodes so far but they were good.

Equalizer – A lot of people online complained that they didn’t buy into Queen Latifah being the Equalizer but I do. I like the show. It’s not the greatest TV ever but I enjoy seeing the Equalizer help the helpless. It’s okay with me.

Sinner – This is the fourth season of the series and each season is a new plot. I don’t even remember the name of Bill Pullman’s character but in this season he’s now a retired police detective. He’s helping out some local police on an island in Maine look into a death. I’d call it a procedural but it’s really about watching Pullman try to figure out a weird crime as he gets his mind drawn down into a dark and crazy place. We he get out of there? We’ll see.

The Simpsons – Season 31 and I’m still watching. I don’t plan on stopping until they stop making them.

Ghosts – A new sitcom staring Rose McIver from “I Zombie.” She has a near death experience and now can see the ghosts who live at her newly bought bed and breakfast. I like McIver and find the show entertaining.

A.P. Bio – The third season of Always Sunny alum Glen Howerton’s show about a teacher who has no interest in actually teaching a high school AP bio class. It’s a sitcom full of zany characters including the students, teachers, and administrators. If you like your sitcoms with a side car of weirdos than check this one out.

Big Sky – Back for a second season this show is about a pair of women who are detectives in Montana. I notice they are the absolute worse at rescuing people as they always show up a few minutes late and miss out. That’s probably because shows these days have plots that last all season long so if they rescue someone in episode one the season is over! Anyway I like the show.

Condor – I just started watching this show that has two ten episode seasons in the can. It’s based on the book “Six Days of the Condor” and the movie “Three Days of the Condor” and so far the first two episodes have been about the same as the first third of the movie. I like the movie so I’m enjoying the show so far. We’ll see where it goes.

Playing House – A show from 2014 that has three seasons and 26 episodes staring Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair in a buddy comedy sitcom. I also just watched their six episode series “Best Friends Forever from 2012. It’s kind of a continuation of that series in a different setting as they are both buddy comedies with the same two stars. I find it smart and funny.

The Rookie – Nathan Fillion’s show is in its fourth season and I still dig it. A police procedural for sure but it’s as much about the characters as the policing. I’ve been enjoying Fillion shows on TV for a long time.

Magnum PI – I think I enjoy the sunshine and scenery in this Hawaii based show as much as I enjoy the action. And this is an action show. It starts fast with some sort of crime and our two lead characters, Magnum and Higgins, are quickly on the go and then keep going for the whole show. There are always a couple of slowdown moments for character development and then it’s back to the action. I think this show has even grown on me,

Only Murders in the Building – Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Selena Gomez live in a fancy NYC apartment building and meet and bond over a murder in their building. Not only do they bond but they start a true crime podcast about the murder and try to solve it themselves. Charming is the word to describe it.

New Tricks – A British police procedural about a cold case squad. It’s from the early 2000s but I’ve never seen it before. Solid.

The Blacklist – Season Nine of the Blacklist and I’m still enjoying it. They changes a lot of stuff so far this season but most of it is still the same.

Abby’s – A show that ran in 2019 and had 20 episodes. There is something about this show, that takes place in a backyard bar, that I like. It’s not the funniest, smartest, or wittiest show but I find it likable. Maybe it’s as simple as that. I rewatched it because I enjoy hanging out in the backyard bar with these people.

Harrow – I watched seasons two and three of this show because I somehow missed that season two ever came out. It’s a procedural about a coroner in Australia who solves crimes. It falls into the “Quirky detective” genre that I like.

Seal Team – Back for season five but now they’ve moved it to a streaming service so the sailors can now curse on the show. Since the phrase “Curse like a sailor” has been around forever I think the show is more realistic now.

So there you have it. What have you been watching?