I haven’t written about what TV shows I’m currently watching in over a year so I thought I would. Since it’s been so long there are even shows I’ve watched and forgotten about since I last wrote. Those will have to be lost to time. Or at least left off my list.

Locke and Key – Just finished this one. I read the graphic novels by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez a few years ago and so was looking forward to this. It was okay. I didn’t love it. I found the comic books to be much more imaginative. The show had more of a teen drama vibe than the comic. Still it’s worth a look.

You – I just started season one of this one and season three is already out. It’s the story of a NYC bookstore manager and his romance with a woman he is spying on. He’s also a murderer. I’ve heard it compared to “Dexter” since the lead character in that show is also a murderer and the narrator but this is really nothing like that plot-wise. I’m enjoying it so far.

Brooklyn Nine Nine – A favorite comedy that’s been around for many years now. It’s changed networks and has fewer episodes per season but is as funny as ever. A top of the line fast paced ensemble police comedy.

Young Sheldon – I missed the first season of this and started watching with the second and now it’s in its third season. It’s a good funny family comedy. The kid who played Young Sheldon does a really nice job.

Superstore – I can’t believe this one is already in it’s fifth season. I liked it at the beginning but it’s also really grown on me. It’s not as fast paced as Brooklyn Nine Nine but it moves pretty quickly and has a lot of funny stuff in it. I rewatched the whole series last summer and it held up well.

FBI – I don’t have as many police procedurals on my list as I once did but this one is there. As you may have guessed by the title it’s about the FBI. It takes place in their NYC office. In a way police procedurals are all the same so I’m not really sure why I like this one and not others but I do. This show even has a sister show this season “FBI – Most Wanted.” I gave that one a few episodes but didn’t like it.

Man With A Plan – This Matt LeBlanc show is back and only one episode has aired so far. I’d call it a family comedy but we hardly ever see his kids. LeBlanc and the actress who plays his wife are very good in it and that’s why I watch. I’m okay with the kids staying away.

Unicorn – This one stars the guy who played Boyd Crowder on “Justified.” It’s about the dating life of a newly widowed father. It’s pretty well done. It’s not spectacular but I’d give it a B. That’s enough for me top keep watching.

Sinner – This was the third season of the series and it was a weird one. They were all kind of weird but this one stuck out. It’s the story of a detective tracking down a murderer but it’s not really a police procedural and not really a detective story. There is all sorts of strange psychological stuff going on. I like it but find it hard to describe.

The Simpsons – What can I say about the Simpsons? I’ve been watching it for 30-something years and don’t plan on stopping watching.

Duncanville – A new family comedy animated show on after “The Simpsons.” It’s been funny so far. The dad from “Modern Family” does the voice of the father on this show and he’s a stand-out.

Modern Family – Speaking of this show it’s in it’s last season and is still good. I’ll miss it when it goes.

Better Call Saul – I think this is the last season for this prequel of “Breaking Bad.” So far I’ve like it better than “Breaking Bad” which I finally watched the last few episodes of. BCS is the story of a lawyer, who was a bit sleazy to begin with, as he gets sucked into working for the wrong side of the law. Good stuff.

Mr. Robot – I still have a few episodes of this to go but so far I’ve been liking its final season. It’s a show about hackers getting even with society. Or trying to. Things go wrong all the time.

Supernatural – A show in its fifteenth and final season and I’ve watched all of them. Once again what can I say that I haven’t said before? I’ll miss our two boys fighting monsters. They’ll carry on though.

The Rookie – Nathan Fillion’s show is in its second season and it’s a police show about Fillion being a 40-something year old rookie in Los Angeles. Police stuff happens so I guess it’s a procedural but it’s more about the rookies and what they go through. I’ve been watching Fillion on TV since “Two Guys and a Girl.” That was a long time ago.

Miss Sherlock – I’m rewatching this subtitled Japanese eight episode show about a gender swapped Holmes and Watson. It’s pretty good. I’ve only watched about one episode a month so this may take a while.

Money Heist – I stared this one on Netflix but have only gotten six or so episodes into it. It’s a show from Spain but its dubbed into English. The fourth season was released just this week but I’m a long way from that. It’s the story of criminals trying to pull off and get away with a bank robbery. I have no idea how they’re going to get four seasons out of this.

Better Things – A show that’s in it’s third season but I’ve only just started season one. It’s a comedy staring a woman I recognize from “Californication” but I have no idea what her name is. She’s a divorced actress living in L.A. and raising three girls. It’s funny and poignant.

The Blacklist – I just checked and we’re on season seven of this one. It’s been around for a while now. It’s either an FBI procedural or a criminal procedural. I’m not sure which but I’m still digging it.

Bless this Mess – A comedy about a NYC couple who move to rural Nebraska to run a farm. It’s a good ensemble comedy. This is its second season after a short first season and I think it’s even been renewed for a third already. Give it a look.

Brockmire – I just noticed this one was back and have seen the first two episodes. This show is a comedy staring Hank Azaria as a washed-up but trying to make a comeback baseball sportscaster. Except this season takes place years in the future after an economic collapse. It’s weird and maybe even a little too real to watch as this virus hits us.

Corner Gas Animated – I discovered the Canadian TV show “Corner Gas” (2004-2009) last year and watched them all. Now I’m onto the show that came after it (2018-2019) as the turned the show into a cartoon. It’s as funny as the live action one.

Death in Paradise – Another show that’s been around for eight seasons that I only discovered last year. It’s yet another BBC mystery show except this one takes place on a small Caribbean island. It’s slow paced, pleasant, and has great scenery. It’s amazing how relaxing a show about murder can be.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – This show is from and takes place in Australia. Except it take place in 1920’s Australia. It’s a lot like other BBC type mystery shows. Someone is murdered and eventually Miss Fisher finds out who did it. Solid.

Seal Team – I guess this one would be a military team procedural. Or maybe just an action show. The Seal team goes on missions and have personal lives. It’s all pretty exiting.

Stumptown – Colby Smothers stars in this show based on a comic book that I’ve never read. At the beginning of the season she becomes a private investigator and spends the rest of the season solving her client’s problems and trying to find out what happened to her old boyfriend. Was he murdered or was it an accident? Another solid B. Carry on.