“The Walking Dead” comic book is over. It was a complete surprise to us readers but the day before issue 193 come out Robert Kirkman announced that number 193 would be the last issue. I did not see that coming. It has been on my pull list (the comics I subscribe to at my local comic shop) for 16 years so I’ve gotten used to it being there every month, year after year. It being gone has put it in my head to write down exactly what is on my pull list these days. Though I pick up and make a video of what comics I get every week I still wasn’t sure exactly what was on my list. So I went back over my “Comics I Bought This Week” posts to make a complete list.
What is on my Pull List?

The Savage Dragon – Another comic that’s been on my list for a long time. I was actually late to the Savage Dragon and the first issue I put on my pull list was around issue 71. According to the internet that one came out in the year 2000. Eric Larsen has been writing and drawing The Savage Dragon since 1993 (I went and bought the back issues eventually) so I’ve been around for 20 of its 27 years. That’s a long time. The Savage Dragon is a super hero and he does super heroic stuff. That’s my recap of the series.

Criminal – I buy whatever series Sean Phillips and Ed Brubaker are doing and this is the current one. Fatale, Sleeper, Incognito, The Fade Out, and Kill or Be Killed I bought them all. They are one of my favorite teams in comics so I’m on board. This comic is about criminals committing crimes.

The Wicked + The Divine – I’ve been buying this one since it started back in 2014 and it’s about to end with issue 45 (I think issue 42 was the last one to come out). It’s about a bunch of gods who live again every 90 years or so. The catch is that they only live for two years and then die again. Drama ensues. It’s been a fun book with a slick fashion and music influenced look.

Monstress – This one is a fantasy book filled with strange not quite human creatures. There are some human ones in there too but we mostly stick with the more magical types. A talking cat, a little fox girl, and an angry teenager with a monster stuck in her. There is lots of intrigue and politics too as some people work towards war and some try to prevent it. The art is very lush and filled with little fantasy decorative bits. Good stuff.

Outcast – The second book on this list that’s coming to an end soon. I think it’s ending at issue 44 and issue 41 was the last one out. It’s a horror story about demon-like creatures slowly invading a small town. The art is dark and moody.

The Beauty – This book is all over the place in terms of content. The concept is that there is an STD going that makes people beautiful so some people were even catching it on purpose. Now its’ about four years later and people are starting to die from it. It’s had many story arcs since it began (issue 27 just came out) and they’re all a bit different from each outer. We’ve had a conspiracy story, a slice of life story, a tale of criminals, police stories, and a cops and robbers team up story. I find the art only so-so but I enjoy the variety of approaches.

Cerebus in Hell – A collection of Dave Sim’s “Cerebus in Hell” web comic strips. Each month we get a new first issue concept and number of Cerebus. He’s literally in hell after he died and there are jokes about it. Sim can’t draw anymore due to pain in his wrist so he cuts and pastes Cerebus drawings and old prints from the 1800s. I find it amusing.

The Actual Roger – An all ages comic about a kid superhero sidekick from Alterna Comics. They’re the company that puts out $1.50 comics. I picked up the first issue on a whim and enjoyed it. It’s a five issue mini-series.

East of West – This one has been going since 2013 and they’re up to issue 41. It’s all about the end of the world happening. It takes place in the USA on a world with an alternate history so it’s not really the USA. Politics, violence, and monster abound. I’ve also read that they are making it into a TV show.

Little Bird – A five issue mini-series that has one more issue left. It’s the art that drew me to this one. It’s a semi-real fantasy story with art that has a lot of bulging shapes and texture to it. The story has a lot of dream-like elements and I’ve enjoyed that. The single issues have a higher page count than normal and that’s cool too.

Paper Girls – This too just got a TV show to be made about it. It’s about 1980s paper girls and time travel. I don’t think I could explain it more than that. It only has one issue left. It’s been a solid series.

The Life and Death of Toyo Harada – A mini-series from Valiant comics that continues (or maybe ends?) the story of the villain Toyo Harada that began in “Harbinger” and continued in “The Imperium.” I’ve enjoyed the story of the man who thinks he’s a hero and just might be but the world will have none of it. Writer Joshua Dysart has been the constant with this story.

Kaijumax – This one has been a series of mini-series about giant monsters who are in prison. They stomped on too many towns and got locked up for it. Each six issue series is called a “Season” and season four just wrapped up. I’m not sure when or if there is going to be a Season Five but if there is it’ll be on my pull list.

Snotgirl – This is the book I never thought I’d like. It’s the story of a fashion blogger. It’s full of romance and drama that’s all a bit weird. I think it’s the “Bit weird” part that appeals to me.

The Goon – Eric Powell is back to his signature creation and we get more stories about the Goon. He’s a big guy who rights wrongs in his strange 1930s-esque world. He usually rights them with his fists. It’s a world filled with magic, monsters, and gangsters.

Gogor – A new series from Ken Garing. He’s put out a couple of mini-series that I’ve liked so I gave this one a try. I was hooked after the first issue. It’s a fantasy story that takes place on a series of islands in the sky. Some bad guys are trying to take over and a kid at a school has to run away and wake the monster Gogor. He does and now he and Gogor are on a quest. I’m there with them.

Five Years – Terry Moore unites all of his various series from over the years in this one. The protagonists from “Rachel Rising,” “Strangers in Paradise,” “Echo,” and “Motorgirl” join forces to prevent the end of the world. They have five years to get it done hence the name of the book. I’m down with any Terry Moore comic.

Birthright – This fantasy comic has been going since 2014 and it’s on issue 37. A family from Earth has to fight magical people and creatures from another world. Lots of action and well drawn art.

Hashtag: Danger – A new series drawn by Chris Giarusso about a team of adventurers out to save the world. It’s a tongue-in-cheek comic with lots of adventure and jokes in it. Chris Giarusso has been doing all-ages comics for years but this one is more adult. It’s got curse words in it!

Stray Bullets – This one has been on my pull list since about 1998. It’s a black and white crime comic by David Lapham. There have been a few different volumes and subtitles but they’re all really good. I think the current series “Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses” is coming to an end soon but hopefully they’ll be another after that one.

Usagi Yojimbo – What can I say about Stan Sakai’s “Rabbit Bodyguard” that hasn’t been said before? It’s been on my pull list since 1986. It just relaunched with a new publisher and a new first issue. It’s also in color for the first time so jump on and enjoy a master cartoonist at his craft.

Ghost Tree – A four issue mini-series about a Japanese man who sees ghosts. I find it very poignant and moving. It has very nice art too. Only one issue left of it.

Uber: Invasion – This is the second “Uber” series and the first I’ve picked up. It takes place in a world where super heroes were invented at the end of World War Two. Thus the war is prolonged and it delves into how exactly super people would be used in a war situation. Politics, war, and super powers make for some good drama.

Reaver – I just bought issue one of this and then put it on my pull list. It’s a fantasy story that reads like a Dungeon and Dragons adventure. A party of fantasy types has to go on a quest.