What comics have I been reading lately? Well, I recently made a list of all the comics I have on my pull list. Lets’s go over the list shall we?

The Savage Dragon – I’ve been buying this one regularly since about issue #70 and now it’s approaching #250 in a few months. It’s written and drawn by Erik Larsen and it takes place in real time so a lot of the characters have grown old. It’s good superhero stuff. Larsen keeps it interesting.

Criminal – Sean Phillips and Ed Brubaker return to their stories about criminals and their world. I buy everything these two team up to make and this is another good one. It’s got done-in-ones and multi-part stories. If you want to read about bad people check it out.

Reaver – One of a few fantasy comics that have made it onto my pull list in recent months. This one is like the movie “The Dirty Dozen” crossed with Dungeon and Dragons. We get a crew of criminals in this fantasy world who are offered a chance at redemption if they go on a mission in the middle of a war. Will they succeed or will they fail? Time will tell.

Monstress – I’ve been buying this fantasy comic for a few years now. I think its up over issue 20 and it’s full of lush art and a story of war, politics, and betrayal. Plus there are a lot of people who are part animal. Fox people, cat people, and all other sorts of people. Oh, and there are giant monsters too.

Usagi Yojimbo – I’ve been buying this comic regularly since 1986 and it just got a relaunch by IDW and it’s now in color. Usuagi has been a black and white comic for decades but no more. Usuagi in an anthropomorphic rabbit in ancient Japan. All the characters are animals but besides that it’s a straight forward adventure comic about a ronin. A masterless samurai. Usage wanders Japan and helps people out.

The Beauty – This one has been going on for a while. I think it’s also up over issue twenty. It’s a crime comic, it’s a police comic, it’s a slice of life comic, and it’s a little bit of a medical comic. “The Beauty” is an STD that makes people beautiful. It changes society and things get funky.

Cerebus in Hell – A series of four panel comic strips about, what else, Cerebus in Hell. I generally find it clever and amusing if not exciting. It’s annoying that each issue is a new number one but that’s the only way he can sell it these days.

The Goon – This is the first time I’m buying the Goon from issue to issue. I missed out on it years ago and bought collected editions. I’m enjoying it. It’s the story of a good hearted tough guy in a sort of 1930’s type world trying to do right by his town. He fights mobsters, monsters , and supernatural creatures. All wonderfully drawn.

East of West – This one has been around for a while. I just read issue number 43. I think it’s starting to wind down. Most of these Image comics series have a definite end to them and a lot of them seem to end around issue 48. A big shooting war has finally started in this book and I think it’s the war to end the series. At least the whole story has been building to this.

Birthright – This fantasy comic hit issue 40 and is still going strong. Maybe it’ll end soon and maybe it won’t. I have no idea. I’ve been enjoying the magical war between earth and Terranos but things just changed for the worst for Earth. Fun stuff.

Resonant – A horror comic that I believe is supposed to be a five issue mini-series. The problem is that I just read issue four and I have no idea how they’re going to wrap this up in one issue. They can keep going for more issues as far as I’m concerned.

Sera and the Royal Stars – Another fantasy comic and another five issue series that’s about to wrap up. A young woman on a magical quest to save her kingdom. Nothing revolutionary but I’ve been enjoying it.

Kaijumax – This comic about giant monsters in a prison is back for it’s fifth mini-series. Each series has six issues in it so that’s a solid number. I find it one of the most human and relatable comics despite the fact that it’s about giant monsters.

Snotgirl – The comic that I never would have believed I’d like. What is Snotgirl about? I’m not even sure. She’s a fashion blogger living in Los Angeles and things happen to her. I like the art, I like the writing, and I like comic in general but I’m not even sure what the plot is. It’s weird.

The Necromancer’s Map – Here comes another fantasy comic. How have I managed to find so many good ones? This is the second mini-series about a young woman who can magically raise the dead in this magical world. She’s on a quest for something that I can’t quite remember. I misses the first series but that hasn’t mattered one bit. I still like this one.

Five Years – Terry Moore continues the story from the last “Strangers In paradise” series and our huge cast of characters has five years to stop the world from ending. It’s high adventure in the Terryverse.

Outcast – Only a few issues left before this series ands with number 48. The story has sped up here at the but it’s as fun as ever. Things are either going to get very bad or maybe out good guys can win.

Uber: Invasion – I think this one is still going on. It’s on a break and I haven’t seen an issue in a few months. Hopefully it’ll be back soon. And it’s about superheroes being invented during World War Two.

Trees: Three Trees – Here comes a mini-series to wrap up the story from “Trees.” So far it doesn’t seem to have a lot in common with the first series but we’ll see. I’m with it until it finishes.

Ragnarok: The Breaking of Helheim – The second Ragnarok series from Walt Simonson continues the story of Thor after Ragnarok has happened and all the other gods are dead. I enjoyed the first series and I’m liking this one too. Some great art.

Love and Rockets: Volume 4 – They’re back to publishing Love and Rockets in it’s original magazine form. An issue comes out once in a blue moon and I’ll buy it.

Grendel Prime – Matt Wagner is back with another Grendel mini-series except this time is the future version of Grendel called Grendel Prime. I’m down for six issues.

So there you go. What comics are you reading?