A few weeks ago I wrote about giving away art supplies. Now I’ve put together the final list. For those of you following along there are six new things on the list.

As I’ve written before I love art supplies. I especially love trying out new art supplies. As a consequence I have a bunch of art supplies around the studio that I never use. I may have used they once or twice when I first got them but didn’t take to them. Some have been sitting around for over a decade. So I decided to gather them up and I’m giving them to some art students. At least then they’ll have a chance of being used rather than rotting away in my studio.

ShinHan 64 Marker Set — This is the first set of markers that I bought back in 2011 when I set out to create a technique for markers that I would consider “Finished.” Previous to that I used markers in the 1980s and 1990s to make working drawings and color sketches. I bought this set on sale after buying and trying out a bunch of blue markers from this brand.

ShinHan 14 Brown and 23 Blue Markers — Here are the blue markers I bought. There are about twenty of them and before I committed myself to buying a set of markers I worked on a technique in only blue. That simplified thing and helped me work the technique out. I bought these markers back in 2011 too and about six of the light blue colors turned out to be fugitive. The pigment was not lightfast and faded away. The markers are still full of alcohol but they have no color. They’re clear markers. The brown set is a woodgrain set that I bought on clearance and never used. After I bought them I moved on to Copic markers.

PrismaColor Markers — I like to try out different brands of markers and as I was trying them out back in 2012 I bought these PrismaColor markers. I bought about 25 of them in various colors and used them a bit. But they never make the starting lineup because they are not refillable like Copic markers are.

LePen Black Eight Marker Set — I just bought this set of various size markers back in February of this year. I tried them out, liked the .8 size the best, and then bought a box of the .8 size. So I really have no need for all the other sizes. I may as well pass them on.

Rembrandt Pastel Set of Fifteen — This is a really nice set of pastels that have sat unused for around ten years. I wanted to try out pastels since I never had before but I found out they weren’t for me. Patels are a lot messier than I thought they would be. Pastel dust gets everywhere. I found it way messier than paint. Mess aside I never figured out how to make them work for me anyway. So off they go.

Pan Pastel Set of Ten — These were a new thing (at least to me) about five or eight years ago. They’re kind of like working with makeup. They are pastel pigment in a small flat pan (the pans also stack). You rub something into the pastel pan and then rub that on the paper. I could never get anything going with them. I found them too weird.

Set of 30 Colored Pencils — I always think I’m going to find a use for colored pencils. Every so often I see a set go on sale for a good price and I grab them. Then I get them home and they just sit there. I don’t think I’ve sharpened these even once. They barely have ever touched paper. I’ll probably even buy another set years from now and think, all over again, that I can find a use for them.

Set of 30 Watercolor Pencils — These are like regular colored pencils except you can also wet them with a brush and they act like watercolors. I love gouache but I hardly ever use regular transparent watercolor. So why I would ever think that I use these is a mystery but the set sure does look cool. Hopefully someone else can make something with them.

Set of 20 Steadler Color Pens — I was gifted these and never found a use for them. They are sort of like ball point pens for artists. They’re fine lined and I prefer my pens and markers to have a broader tip. Once again they’re a cool set that I never figured out what to do with.

Set of 24 Pans of Watercolor — I bought these just this summer. They’re a cheap set that are sort of like my favorite Pelikan set of 24 gouache pans. I put them aside and didn’t even try them out. I didn’t like the case they came in. I much prefer the Pelikan ones so I’ll stick with those. It’s a cheap set too.

Set of 9 Round Sable Brushes — I got these only a couple of months ago to try out some new brushes. I really only tried out one of the brushes as I was painting my coat. It was okay. I eventually went back to using my normal brushes. These weren’t that expensive anyway. The set was about $20 and that’s what I usually spend on one brush.

Set of Black and White Ink —I have a once ounce bottle of Higgins Black Magic India Ink that I have no idea where it came from. I buy my ink in 16 ounce bottles so I have no need for this random one ounce bottle. The white ink is Japanese and I bought it to try out a long time ago. I don’t remember the last time I used it. So I don’t need it. I just bought a new bottle of Pro White to handle my white ink tasks.

Set of 4 French Curves —It is not easy to find good French Curves these days. They just don’t make them well anymore. As a consequence I’ve bought a lot of them over the years but not all of them make it into the starting lineup. Here are a few that didn’t make the cut. Not necessarily because they’re bad but because they’re not the size I like.

Bic Mark-It Pens Set of 24 — These are the Bic version of Sharpies and I bought them ages ago. So long ago that some of them have dried out. Maybe four of them and the rest are still good. I was thinking about buying a new set so I may as well give the rest of these away. I’m in no hurry to buy a new set since I don’t use them that much but I certainly don’t need two pens of each color.

Foam 36 Marker Holder — This is a marker holder I bought just this year. But I bought a lot of marker holders this year and wasn’t even using this one. Since I’m giving away so many markers I may as well give this away too.

So there is the list of art supplies I’m cleaning out and giving away. I hope the students that I’m giving them to will make things with them.