Somedays it doesn’t pay to get out of bed. That’s the cliché and we all know what it means. But some days I’m not even looking for pay when I get out of bed. I’m just looking for things to go right. Break my way if you will. That’s what I want. A day when everything comes up roses. Wouldn’t that be nice? Sweet chocolate mountain I’d pay money for that! Except I fear that type of day can be wasted if I’ve got nothing going on. Think about it. It could go by without me even noticing.

What happens if I finally get that elusive day when everything goes right and I got zero to do that day. Or worse, nothing to do but work. I wouldn’t even notice that everything went right because there was nothing but banality to the day. Another of the dangers of the banal. I’ve never been a fan of boredom. It’s an enemy like no other.

Now, a day when things go bad just sucks. No way around that. You don’t need to be doing anything on that kind of day. You can be minding your own business sitting in a chair doing nothing but napping and if things go bad you’ll know it. Hell, you can fall out of the chair and break your arm. Bad luck makes itself known in a way that good luck can’t match. Sneaky bastage.

Bad luck doesn’t need anything but itself. It’s self sufficient. Meanwhile good luck needs something to act on. If you’re sitting in a chair all day what’s good luck going to do for you? Make sure the chair doesn’t fly into space? Nope. That’s not luck that’s gravity. Good luck needs you to be walking down the street so a dollar can blow against your shoe or some such. It tends to be more subtle than bad luck. So subtle it’s easy to miss if you have nothing going on.

Good luck needs opportunity and bad luck doesn’t. That’s what’s annoying me today. I’m mourning opportunities lost and the loss of opportunity. All the while that bugaboo called bad luck keeps right on truckin’. Filth flarn, filth flarn. As you can probably tell I’m feeling a little hostile towards the world today. But on to better things.

There, there, wait a moment I’m trying to think of better things.

Nope. Got nothing for you today.

I had some bad luck with buying some blank DVDs. I bought a bunch of Memorex DVDs that are supposed to be “up to 16x speed” but for some reason they only burn at about 5x on my burner. That means instead of taking five minutes it takes fifteen to burn a disk. And I bought a hundred pack of them. Oy! All the other “up to 16x speed” DVDs I’ve ever had have burned at 16x speed. I don’t know what’s up with Memorex. Just a bit of bad luck.

Sometimes things, objects I mean, can briefly make one forget about bad luck. That’s what our whole consumer society is based on. For example: I got a new iPod case. That’s kinda cool. It’s leather and it flips open to reveal the screen. It’s a nicely crafted little thing and makes me smile. Bad luck be damned; a good craftsman can outwit ‘cha!

Getting tasks done can fly in the face of bad luck. I just finished labeling and editing a bunch of my photos that I loaded onto said iPod. I’m glad that’s done but it offered me little opportunity for luck.

Hmmm… maybe inspiration is what I need today. Can luck bring inspiration or does inspiration bring luck? I don’t know. But these are the questions that run through my mind. Later gator.