Only one of my regular comics was in this week. And a new one at that:

  • StormWatch: Post Human Division 3
  • So then I dug around in the 50ยข bins (my local store is trying to clear out some stuff) and found a couple of things:

    Point Blank 1 – I have the rest of the series but never got this issue. It is written by Ed Brubaker and was a precursor to his two “Sleeper” maxi series. All three series are good reads. Recomended. Check them out if you can.

    Felon 1-4 – I have never heard of this series by Greg Rucka and Matthew Clark but for two buck I’ll check it out. It’s written by Rucka so it can’t be that bad. I’ll let you know.

    Week Five of my reviews of recent DC Comics.

    Nightwing 126-127 – I don’t think I’ve ever read an issue of Nightwing before these. I enjoyed these ones none the less. Marv Wolfman and Dan Jurgens tell a good story. It’s a detective tale about who is killing some scientists. It’s also a very personal story where in a mere two issues you get to know Dick Nightwing Grayson pretty well. The first person narration was even well done. Definitely one of the best DC comic I’ve reviewed. Recomended. Check it out.

    Green Lantern Corps 6-7 – Issue six is a Dave Gibbons story. It’s nice to look at but I found it a little corny (he makes a giant vacuum cleaner?). Nothing wrong with it just not to my taste. Issue seven has a new creative team and starts a new story. Both issues emphasize the military aspect of the Green Lantern Corps and involve veteran GLs teaching rookie GLs. This issue is also well crafted but I didn’t find it too interesting. I’ve always had a problem with the Green Lantern Corps. One GL is powerful enough to solve most problems so when you have hundreds of them what problem couldn’t they solve in a second? This leads to them basically doing nothing logical most of the time. Simple example: When the GLs fly through space they have a magic ring supplied force field around them so they can breath and be pressurized. It doesn’t seem to take much effort since they still do all their normal fighting in space. So why don’t they have this force field up whenever they fight? A GL lost a fight in this issue because a shape changer turned into a bug and flew inside the GL. A force field would have solved that problem. Wouldn’t that be part of their military training? GLs always have to be hamstrung so they’re not too powerful. I find this leads to unimaginative stories. Still it’s good enough to check out if you’re a Green Lantern fan.